In English for the week we have been getting a choice out of reading and BTN  and writing and then we do that for one hour  and then we finish and then we go done to the floor and share  then we got back to our class rooms and then do homeroom or what ever we have next.

group Math’s

today the whole year 5 class did snail trails and we all went out of the  basketball court and we did a thing how we all had to right the number from 0 to 11 and we had to see how many  hrs. it was

on the holidays

for the holidays I went shooting and sot 11 1/2 rabbits and I went to Geelong to  swimming  pool and I was there all day with harriette and skye and we went to McDonalds After and then we went home and then we went to a bonfire. then the next day we went to Colac and I got lot of new clothes  and they were really cool and then we went home and got ready for school the next day so I didn’t do that much on the holidays