18th of June

on the 18th of June we had an exhibition and we all had to show lot of kids and mum and dads our rube Goldberg machines  and lot of people came and had a look and lot of people liked our machine. and we sowed the elc kids and they loved them and everyone sowed there movies  on the big TV

Lego Excursion

On the 16th the whole year 5 went on an Excursion to the Lego center. and we got to do lots of things and we got to do robotics, Lego, Ferris wheels and cars. Then we got have our play and lunch  and play arrowed for a bit and then we went back to make lot of more things and then we went back to school and went home.

no the 10th of june

on 10 June the whole year 5 class went to Senior School and did a performance and some parents came to watch and we did some practices and played a game before we started. then we had some play lunch and then we went back to playing our instruments and then went out to lunch and then we  did the performance and went  back to school and went home.