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My Great Barrier Reef project




In this project I am aiming to teach people about the reef and the effect people have on it useing the makey makey


this is a photo of my design book

threats to the reef

global warming


oil spills

About 11.1 billion tonnes of plastic plauge the reefs of aisa and the pasific

this a photo of my code so far I have made an interactive quiz using the Makey Makey and when you press the turtle it tells you facts about the reef.


My Makey Makey


My project with my main photo on it


Adding the ‘quiz seahorse’


Adding the A, B and C answers for the quiz


Adding the angel fish


My code and what I learnt


Adding paper ‘sea sponges’


Adding the Makey Makey


My pipe cleaner ‘sea weed’

Adding masking tape supports to the ‘sea weed’

Adding my ‘sea weed’ to my rock

My Great Barrier Reef sign

Adding my Great Barrier Reef sign to my project

Adding my Mackey Mackey

This is a video of my project, from start to finish, and how it changed from a mere idea to reality



In my project it was important I made the impact people have on the Great Barrier Reef clear using photos, words and of course, my blog


I could use what I’ve learned to make a bigger Makey Makey – Scratch quiz



In my code I saw a pattern in the quiz. I was using the exact same blocks in the exact same order only with different sounds


I think I worked well but could have made the impact people have on the reef clearer by adding plastic waste such as plastic bags to my project


I think I could use the Makey Makey to make a box with push pins in it that says things like ‘don’t forget your keys’ and ‘remember your phone’ when you touch the push pins