My Micro Bit Rock-Paper-Scissors


This is my Rock-Paper-Scissors game I made on my Micro Bit. In the first photo it shows the start of the finished product. First I made a variable called weapon. Next I took a set weapon to block and connected it to a pick random block. Secondly I changed  the 0-10 to 1-3. Then I took a if  true then block from logic and the took a 0=0 block (also from logic) and connected them. After that I took a weapon block and connected that to the 0=0 block. Then I changed the other 0 to a 1. Next I took a show leds  block and made a small square. I did the same thing for the rest of the code except I changed the numbers for the weapon=1 to 2 and 3. I also changed the pictures to make paper and scissors.

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