Monthly Archives: May 2018

dodging game coding

This is a game I made on scratch. Sprite one (who’s coding is in the picture) is you, and you need to doge sprite two or three for as long as possible using the mouse. there is a timer on the top left hand on the screen and tells you your time and stops when you touch sprite two or three.

turtle and geometry watermelon

this is the watermelon I made on Microworld… and the code!



   what does 7×8=?


green frog food web

This is my green frog food web. Which animal do you think is the most important?


Here I will update on my learning:

  1. I am enjoying book club  because it gives me an excuse to read with mum which I don’t normally get to do
  2. I am proud of my scratch games because at the start of the year I knew nothing about it.
  3. I am looking forward to watching fox child
  4. I am working on a story about a girl who has to leave her home dew to war

Here is my Longneck Billabong Food Web

Which animal is your favourite? Why?