My EV3 tricycle

My materials

Adding the motors on the EV3

Adding the 3 wheels


Adding the 16 hole cross bar and cords into the C and D inputs

Back view of the finished product.

My Great Barrier Reef project




In this project I am aiming to teach people about the reef and the effect people have on it useing the makey makey


this is a photo of my design book

threats to the reef

global warming


oil spills

About 11.1 billion tonnes of plastic plauge the reefs of aisa and the pasific

this a photo of my code so far I have made an interactive quiz using the Makey Makey and when you press the turtle it tells you facts about the reef.


My Makey Makey


My project with my main photo on it


Adding the ‘quiz seahorse’


Adding the A, B and C answers for the quiz


Adding the angel fish


My code and what I learnt


Adding paper ‘sea sponges’


Adding the Makey Makey


My pipe cleaner ‘sea weed’

Adding masking tape supports to the ‘sea weed’

Adding my ‘sea weed’ to my rock

My Great Barrier Reef sign

Adding my Great Barrier Reef sign to my project

Adding my Mackey Mackey

This is a video of my project, from start to finish, and how it changed from a mere idea to reality

My micro bit step counter

This is my step counter (and it’s code) I made with my BBC micro bit.

My Micro Bit smiley buttons activity











This is my smiley buttons activity. The first picture is of the first code I did on this activity. First I dragged a on button b loop into the work space. Then I dragged a show leds block and put it inside the on button b pressed loop and made a sad face. This means that when the b button is pressed it will make a sad face. Next I dragged another on button b pressed loop and changed it to an on button a pressed. Then I dragged another show leds block and made a happy face this means that when button a is pressed it will make a happy face.  After that  I dragged another on button b pressed loop and changed it to an on button a+b pressed loop. Finally I dragged two show leds blocks and made the face looking left and another looking right. This means that when button a and b are pressed together it’ll look one way then the other.

My Micro Bit Rock-Paper-Scissors


This is my Rock-Paper-Scissors game I made on my Micro Bit. In the first photo it shows the start of the finished product. First I made a variable called weapon. Next I took a set weapon to block and connected it to a pick random block. Secondly I changed  the 0-10 to 1-3. Then I took a if  true then block from logic and the took a 0=0 block (also from logic) and connected them. After that I took a weapon block and connected that to the 0=0 block. Then I changed the other 0 to a 1. Next I took a show leds  block and made a small square. I did the same thing for the rest of the code except I changed the numbers for the weapon=1 to 2 and 3. I also changed the pictures to make paper and scissors.

my microbit thermometer

Micro Bits have a natural thermometer that can be can be used for a project with the temperature block (this block is my project). I made a variable called temp and dragged out the block that said set temp to 0. I put the temperature block into the set temp to block. Next I put this new block inside an on shake loop. This means that every time I shake the Micro Bit it would set my variable to the temperature it was registering. Next I dragged a show number block out into the work space and put a temp block inside I put this entire thing into the on shake loop. This means that when I shake the Micro Bit it would set my variable to the temperature it was registering that it would show the temperature. Then it would show the temperature useing the show number block.

my all about me design

my 10 block challenge design

de-bugging no.2

this is my de-bugging challenge no.2 I hope you enjoy!

makey makey piano