Drones Part 2

Today I learned how to control my drone with arrow keys it was harder than you think though because you have to code it to when you press the arrow key it moves 30 cm right left forward or backwords. now im doing module 2 page 2 its really fun and i cant wait to finish.


This week we are doing drones. drones is were we got to fly drones and code on a app. the app is called tello. You can code the drone to avoid the obstacles to get to the portal so you can go to the next level. im looking forward to keep doing drones this week and next week.



In term 4 we have been doing design days which is where we have design all day. For those days we have been doing Sphero. A Sphero is a remote control rocket ball. It has a control panelĀ  so we can change the colour and drive it. We have have to aim it so it can drive the right way or it will end up in something bad, like going out of control.

We had to do some challenges with the sphero. First we did the shape challenge. the shape challenge is where we have to make a code to drive it in a shape. The shapes we did is a triangle a square and a circle. Then we started a new challenge the maze challenge. We had to make a maze out of tape and a carpet tile and the aim was to code the sphero t0 go through the maze.

The first day of sphero was a little hard because it was a brand new thing for me. We had to learn how to code it how to drive it and how to use the whole sphero. it was really fun and tricky but easy at the same time.

Orange Clicker

My game is called orange clicker. Its a game that when you click you get 1 dollar when you have 15 dollars you can upgrade so you get more money im still working on it but its still good.



Hi my name is Finley I’m in 5B. This year we are doing a program called Scratch. Scratch is a coding website when you make your own games, play other peoples games and more.