feedback passion project

For my passion project i decided to do nippers and i was going to do me doing nippers on a film but we didn’t have time to get down and it was to cold to get in so i put some warm clothes on and we went down to the waterfront and i did the start and the end with me talking. i decided to do memories of my nippers over the years.

i got my parents to watch my film and they thought that it was really good but the music got a little bit to loud at points and you couldn’t hear my P.T.C.

Term 2 Reflection

This term we have done a lot of things. It has Been so BUSY we have done TED talks and almost finished our StoryClip. we did our first passion projects. They were so fun to do but I had to change mine because i didn’t have time to get down to the beach so i made it memories of my nippers over the years.

TED Talks my ted talk is on Palm oil and how it is killing the orangutans and it needs to stop fast otherwise orangutans will become extinct and many other species as well .

#AMAZE_US we were asked to choose from these apps and make a totorial

  • Adobe Character Animator CC (amazingly powerful live animation software)
  • Adobe Photoshop (so you can create animated characters)
  • Adobe Illustrator (graphic design)
  • Storyboard That (online program for digital storytelling)

i choose storyboard that for my topic first I just researched and found out what the app was all about. it was really cool cause you got to tell a story in a comic book way.


  • number 1 is that i want to be more organised because my locker is a mess and i can’t find anything when i need it.
  • number 2 adding more detail in my seeds
  • number 3 getting more pieces on the wall.


boy overboard

Boy overboard is about a boy called Jamal and he loves to play soccer with his sister but in Afghanistan girls are not aloud to play soccer. They have to move by boat to Australia and they meet people on the boat they never actually get to Australia. There parents get on to a different boat and there is a whole drama about did there boat sink did there parents die. this book is an adventure/culture.

I liked the where they got separated from there parents when they were getting on the boat. I didn’t like the end because they never got to Australia. This was a really good book and i would recommend it to people who like culture and adventure storys. It was really nice and some parts were emtional but i thought it was good. This book  is by Morris Gleitzman.

editing passion project

 What editing software/app did you use?

I used movie maker because I was having trouble with premire pro. This worked out well for me.

Did you try something new?

I used a phone to take the videos of me. I faded the music in and out which was cool.

If so, what? Did you learn anything new about editing?

I learnt that it can make your piece so much better it sounds much better because it doesn’t just jump in at times when i am speaking.

win at the fair

In project maths we have been working on win at the fair and seeing if it would be good to have win at the fair. We were asked to record our thinking. We compared 6A and 6C data. It was really cool to see the difference.

Here is a picture from maths 300

We were asked to try and make it better we were given a copy to fill out here is my one.

Me ella tried this game board sence it has a $0 in the middle you normally get that this is our data

We had 10 rounds 9 of them were $0 and 1 of them was 20cents. We changed it to 50 cents per roll and $2 per roll. This worked really well. I couldn’t do the $0 in the middle because on the software only had the numbers around the edges

Here are some photos of my working.


These are the photos of my work. I changed the board and then tested the data and it was really cool to watch because we tested 1000 rounds. And my data was pretty good as you can see here. the data shows the average payout and the total. I enjoyed this task and had lots of fun doing it.


Birke Baehr

Birke’s passion that he really loves is trying to stop farmers treating the food right. i really liked this ted talk because he really put lots of facts into it and he was really good at getting the audience involved with his ted talk which is really important because you don’t wan’t to have the audience to get bored. i thought he could improve on not moving his hands as What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project? What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process? How did you overcome the challenges?much and shaking his head because he did that way to much and at some parts he should have slowed his voice down again. he wanted to be a football player but now he wants to be a organic farmer. at the end his message was to check where your meat is coming from.

passion project #production


What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project?

I’m filming on the weekend but it was a really easy project to plan because I love nippers so much.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process?

Making a time to get down to the beach,

How did you overcome the challenges?

I spoke to mum and dad and we have committed to do filming this weekend. I am sure some challenges will come during the process and I will try hard to over come them.


Richard Turere

Richard Turere has an amazing story and turned it into a ted talk. He lives in Kenya and I really liked watching this ted talk. The main message is that the lions kill there life stock. They killed the lions Richard hated the lions because they killed there stock. He made an invention that is the scare crow he made it but the lions are smart so they came back the next day and realised that it haded moved so they killed the stock. Then he made another invention and it scared away the lions by making flashing lights that scared way the lions. So know the lions and cows don’t have any conflict. He got into a school and he made more flashing lights for other people with hos friends. He wants to make an electric fence he tried but he got a shock so he is trying again. he used a microphone to project his voice and a switch to change the pictures.

me as a reader

When I read it looks like me in a my bed reading with my dog on the end of my bed. It is normally very quiet with little distraction around me. When I read it sounds like quiet but sometimes loud because of my family sometimes if i read a funny book i will laugh but normally it is silent. When I read it feels like I am in the place where the book is taking me.

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digital citizenchip

Today we watched a film about digital etiquette here are some definitions.  Netiquette means it is a set of rules for how to behave online. Flaming or flame wars means to try to make a fight. Trolls means a troublemaker. Anonymous means unknown. Communicating clearly means to send something and the other person understands so sending something clearly. Sending something as a joke and they take it the wrong way.  Permission means to get some ones permission before you post it. What does it mean when he says ‘once your message is out, it’s out? That means that if you post something its out in the internet world and if it is something mean it can cause people to be bullied.


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