Building views 17/10/2017

for the past couple of lessons on project maths we have been working on building view. Building Views is a project on landscaping. how it works is that you get the first sheet that looks like this.

transferring the numbers in the 2D representation into blocks on the grid and creating a 3D model. i learnt about how to visualise the image in my head but i still made a model of it any way to double check. i sometimes got confused about which was the side view and which was the front of my model. i really enjoyed this project because i thought that it would help me with my maths. the strategies that i used was a little bit of the guess and check and most of the time i used look for a pattern and i just made a model.

Then we did a second sheet i thought that this sheet was a lot harder so i didn’t finish it all. but i started the first three here is a photo of it.


country of the world

Social Behaviours

in mexico when eating there food both hands are kept above the table and if they are not they are considered rude. in mexico it it inappropriate for adults to walk down the street eating. guests  do not leave straight after there meal, but stay for a conversations or a drink. the Mexicans greeting or handshake is a handshake or a nod of the head. Mexicans love to play soccer and sometimes basketball and volleyball.

in Australia when we eat our food you can leave a bit or you can eat it all. our guests normally stay for a bit after there meal and have a conversation or a drink something like that. Australia’s handshake is a shake of the hand or something like that. our sports are normally football, soccer, netball and swimming.


in mexico they celebrate the day of the dead it is held on the 1st and the 2nd of November. while it is primarily viewed as a Mexican holiday it is also celebrated in community in the united sates with a large population of Mexicans and Americans.

in Australia we celebrate Christmas and Easter on our holidays Christmas is on 25th of December. Easter is in April 2 weeks after when Jesus rose to death. and Christmas is when Jesus was born.

DOC200917-2he3146 here is a link to my work

our town through time

I got put into the team of surf history of the Bells Beach. this is my reason why.

Three miles southwest of the small town of Torquay, Victoria, along what’s now known as the surf coast, Bells Beach is perhaps Australia’s iconographic surf spot. In the late 80s and with a vision for the company well established, Brian and Claw were trying to articulate what it meant to be a part of Rip Curl.

This is what I researched so far.

Gauss beat the teacher

Today i did this maths problem which you do 1+2+3 and so on to 100. i did it on a calculator on my computer 1+2+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55 and then every 10 equals 55 so on the calculator 55+155+255+355+455+555+655+755+855+955=5050 

here is the calculator working out and i think that this is the right answer and it was a smipler version and i used the strategy break the problem into manageable parts. i thought that this was a really cool problem and i really enjoyed it.

passion project team 3

My passion project this term is about swimming i do it 2 times a week for 2 hours. I am hoping to get some cool footage of me swimming and of my coaches talking. I am looking forward to  having some fun filming and getting some really cool footage. I am hoping to get some photos as well. The message is that i like to swim. My project is for people who like swimming and enjoy it. I hope you enjoy my passion project in the end.

The Lost Princess





What is the problem she encountered

Lucy is a teenage girl who got her phone stolen and the bullies talked on her accounts and said mean things on her social media. they sent mean things on her account. she told her dad about what happened and her dad called the police about it.  This really hurt lucy because no one wanted to be friends with her.  the bullies really hurt lucys feelings because the bullies were being very mean on social media. Lucy told her dad and he called the police. told her dad earlier and the problem would have been resolved earlier. the message that i took away from this story is always log out of social media before getting of phone and never share your passwords.

How did it negatively affect their lives

how did the issue get resolved

What could they have done differently

What is the biggest message that you take away from their story

feedback passion project

For my passion project i decided to do nippers and i was going to do me doing nippers on a film but we didn’t have time to get down and it was to cold to get in so i put some warm clothes on and we went down to the waterfront and i did the start and the end with me talking. i decided to do memories of my nippers over the years.

i got my parents to watch my film and they thought that it was really good but the music got a little bit to loud at points and you couldn’t hear my P.T.C.

Term 2 Reflection

This term we have done a lot of things. It has Been so BUSY we have done TED talks and almost finished our StoryClip. we did our first passion projects. They were so fun to do but I had to change mine because i didn’t have time to get down to the beach so i made it memories of my nippers over the years.

TED Talks my ted talk is on Palm oil and how it is killing the orangutans and it needs to stop fast otherwise orangutans will become extinct and many other species as well .

#AMAZE_US we were asked to choose from these apps and make a totorial

  • Adobe Character Animator CC (amazingly powerful live animation software)
  • Adobe Photoshop (so you can create animated characters)
  • Adobe Illustrator (graphic design)
  • Storyboard That (online program for digital storytelling)

i choose storyboard that for my topic first I just researched and found out what the app was all about. it was really cool cause you got to tell a story in a comic book way.


  • number 1 is that i want to be more organised because my locker is a mess and i can’t find anything when i need it.
  • number 2 adding more detail in my seeds
  • number 3 getting more pieces on the wall.


boy overboard

Boy overboard is about a boy called Jamal and he loves to play soccer with his sister but in Afghanistan girls are not aloud to play soccer. They have to move by boat to Australia and they meet people on the boat they never actually get to Australia. There parents get on to a different boat and there is a whole drama about did there boat sink did there parents die. this book is an adventure/culture.

I liked the where they got separated from there parents when they were getting on the boat. I didn’t like the end because they never got to Australia. This was a really good book and i would recommend it to people who like culture and adventure storys. It was really nice and some parts were emtional but i thought it was good. This book  is by Morris Gleitzman.

editing passion project

 What editing software/app did you use?

I used movie maker because I was having trouble with premire pro. This worked out well for me.

Did you try something new?

I used a phone to take the videos of me. I faded the music in and out which was cool.

If so, what? Did you learn anything new about editing?

I learnt that it can make your piece so much better it sounds much better because it doesn’t just jump in at times when i am speaking.

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