Cooking snapshot

I can’t believe I am cooking the recipe of a Michelin star restaurant chef. I turn the oven on to 200˚ Celsius. Eggs, egg yolks, butter, flour, cream and sugar it is all there. I follow the recipe cream the butter and sugar done. I add the eggs and egg yolks to the mixture and stir. I mix the flour and cocoa and add it to the mixture and stir. I Fold the cream though the mixture and put them into moulds and put them in the oven. 12 minutes is how long I cook them for. Half way there I can see a cake like shape forming and it has risen slightly I wonder how it is going to look at the end. Ten minutes down 2 to go I can see the cakes clearly and they have risen slightly. I get them out of the oven, wow!!! They look so good. I serve them up with ice cream and some berries. Done. I cut into it and chocolate sauce spirts everywhere. I try it and it is amazing! They are so smooth it is like velvet in my mouth.

Chocolate Lava Cakes  

reading log week 8

Book Review: We have studied review writing this year. Choose one of the books you have read this year and write a review of it. Remember to include all the sections that make up an effective review e.g. background information, brief story synopsis, discussion of key themes/messages, your opinion with supporting reasons and maybe a rating.


The 65 storey treehouse


This book was written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by terry Denton they have made 4 other books in this series. Andy and terry have added 13 more storeys to their treehouse and there is a time machine and a building inspector now guess what happens…


I would recommend this book to 8-14 year olds because it would be hard to understand if you were younger and it is pretty long


Rating: 9/10


Leaning Goals Week 8

1. try and do a PB at the meet on Saturday (PB means personal best)

I will do this by trying my hardest in every event and listen to my coach

2. make an effort to get my homework done before Friday

I will do this by doing a little bit each night

3. plant a vege garden on sunday

research what plants should be planted at this time of year and buy the seeds and plant them

Favourite Book: What is your favourite book you have read so far this year? Why is it your favourite?

My favourite book I have read this year is the 65 storey treehouse because the story line was really interesting and I could not put it down. I also liked it because it was written by Andy Griffiths who has write most of my favourite books and I really like the drawings by Terry Denton who has also illustrated most of my favourite books.




Learning goals reflection

Describe: For the swimming goal I have done the meet and completed my goal of getting a PB. For the getting to school earlier goal I have been getting to school earlier and I am working towards doing it every day. For the homework goal I have got nothing done and did not make an effort to get my homework done by friday

Feel: I feel happy about the swimming goal and school goal because I got a 2 second PB and I got to school earlier. But my homework goal was a complete fail

Evaluate: for the swimming goal I got a PB, there was not any problems for this goal. For the school goal I got to school earlier so I got more time to play with friends, there were not any problem with this goal. For the homework goal nothing, the problem was that I did not do what I put in my goal

Analyse: I had this problem because I did not think about my homework and tried to avoid it.

Conclude: I can say that I completed my swimming and school goals but I need to in prove on my homework one

Plan: I will do one thing each night for my homework. Try and get to school earlier for two weeks


passion project

I am going to make a shot list for my video on how to make brownies so I am one step closer to making the video. I am also going to write a shopping list and write out the recipe doubled so I don’t get myself confused. I also need to practice the recipe doubled to see if it works because some recipes don’t work well when doubled27772_l