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Week 7 lesson 7 Lego robotics

This lesson was a bit chaotic, our robot wasn’t working and we tried all sorts of different batteries, but it still wouldn’t work. we asked so many teachers but we couldn’t do it but eventually Mr McKie found a battery pack that worked. we were so so happy.

We got assigned a task that we have to attach a colour sensor and make the robot stop when it sees the piece of paper that is the same colour as it is set to on the program, we had a lot of trouble with it but we got it in the end.


Mr McKie assigned another challenge we had to get our robot to follow the straight line but we didn’t get to finish the task because it was lunch time but maybe next time.





Term 1 week 2 Lego Robotics

Remembering :what did I do

This week we did some programming and learned how to make a rectangle with our robot. Then we went to go to our desks to do our task and found the coding at Lego mind storm. Lucy’s computer went flat so we could not finish the programming and we lost the code to our rectangle. After that we kept trying but we could not receive the code.

this is my robotics group Lucy did not want to be in the photo

but the people in it is Harper, Harriett and me.


Understanding: what is important about it

I think it is important that we know how to code so we can improve our skills.




Applying: where could I use it again

for an example: if you are making jelly and you add 2 cups instead of 1 cup of jellet0n it will not taste very good for another example: if you are making a cupcake and you add salt instead of sugar it will be unpleasant and disgusting.


Analysing: do I see any patterns in what I did

I didn’t see any patterns






Evaluating: How well did I do

I think my group worked really well together some of the time and I think my group works best when we assign jobs to each other .







Creating: what should I do next?

I’m going to work really well with my group and teach the robot to turn and to move straight .

Lesson 1 Lego Robotics

In lesson 1 I wasn’t really working well with my group and I went up to one of the teachers and asked if I could swap groups but that teacher said no because the teacher said ”this year is about working with people you usually wouldn’t mix with”. So I went back to my group and we assigned each other a  job which I really liked because I felt liked I was apart of the group . Lucy and Harriett A. were building the robot, and Harper and I were collecting the pieces. After our troubles in the beginning we all started working really well together. I am enjoying the group work now that we all have our roles within the group.  I’ve learned that it’s important for me to listen to everyone’s opinions, and to compromise, whenever I’m working in a group.