Fays Nines

Fays Nines was a task where we had a sum that equalled 999 and we had to work out  how to get to that number. As we worked with the sums that we came up with we discovered that the units column always equalled 19 and the tens column equalled 18 and the hundreds column equalled 8 Then when you added them all together you came out with 999.

First I just started putting numbers together that equalled 999 but then after a while i figured out what all the numbers should equal to add up to 999.

The patterns that i noticed where just when we realised what the columns equal because for every sum it equalled the same numbers.

I broke this problem up by using all different ranges of numbers and finding what worked and what didn’t work.

It was challenging because it was sometimes hard to come up with new solution’s because we found out that there were 180. Another thing that was challenging was working out the numbers for the units.

Passion project term 4 #description

For my last passion project i will be making my own bracelets to give to my mum because my mum is one of the most important people in my life and i think she would really enjoy them!

To make these bracelets i already have a beading kit and i will be attending too use that. The things i will be using to make them are the beading board, beads, string and hooks to hook them together.

What I’m looking forward to is using all the different kind of beads that i haven’t used before because they are all so cute and unique.

This is all the stuff im using. 

PP update #3

I think i have achieved what i originally set out to do because i have set out my book and the photos as i intended at the start of the term. Some of the challenges i had was having to cut out the pages to be even with the photos. A success i had was all the coloured pages i used for it went very well with the pictures i took because it was all kind of about animals and nature.  If i were to continue on with my scrapbook then i would decide to add more pages with more photos.  Here is a image that looks a lot like my pages in my scrapbook.

Indonesia post

The project was that we had to choose a country and write about the meaning of the flag, social behaviours, religion and customs.

Some comparisons between Australia and Indonesia…

Food, religion, sports.

The differences are the population, for example Indonesians population is around 261 million and Australia is 24 million. Another difference is food, for example in Indonesia  one of there favourites is fried rice and our is a meat pie.

Some similarities are sports because one of there favourite sports to play is football and Australia is also a big fan of football. Another similarity is food because a lot of people in Australia have been exposed to new food like Indonesians food.

If i lived in Indonesia i would find there dancing very interesting since i dance is a passion of mine and it would be an amazing experience for me to see there kind of dancing. What i would find most challenging is the food they eat there because Indonesia is known to have quite spicy dishes.

Building views


We had to get into partners and I went with Abigail and the first task we had to complete was we got a sheet and it had a grid on it saying front view and side view. The strategy i used was just to build it on the grid and then make sure i had the right amount of blocks and then draw up another grid called shape one and do its front view from one  angle and side view from another. What i found challenging was doing putting in the right numbers in the boxes for how many cubes there were on the grid. I learnt about different angles of shapes and being able to make shapes out of a front view and a side view.

The lost princess

The movie was about three kids that had where addicted to gaming and social media.

The problem she had was that she was talking to people she didn’t know in person and gave away her personal information to them and then he started calling her and messaging her.

It affected her really badly because she gave the person she didn’t know her personal information like her phone number.

The issue was fixed when her mum took her phone off her and went through all the messages.

She could of decided to block that person or just not talk to him at all because she didn’t know him in person.

The message i took away from that is to be very careful on social media and only let people i know follow me and message me.

PP #update

So far I have bought all my supplies like the book where I’m sticking all the pictures and some little wooden things that I will sick on some of the pages. I have started decorating the front cover also I have bought little coloured square pages that I will put on each page that I can either write on or stick things on.

 Here is a picture that my book kinda looked like.

Passion Project T3 #Description

For my term three passion project I will be doing photography and all the photos I will be taking will be of my farm. I plan to print off all my photos and make a big scrapbook.

The scrapbook will contain not only the photos but i will also add in some drawings and decorate the pages. Every page will have at least one photo on it and then the rest of the page will be decorated with like little stars and buntings.

To create my scrapbook i will probably buy a big book and also some stickers to stick through it.

DC cartoons

Today in digital citizenship we looked at cartoon photos that were about people being to invested in there phones and missing out on whats actually important in life. Some people might find it funny at first because the images are cartoons and the people are all drawn a little funny. The message in this is about paying more attention to the world and not constantly being on your phone. Its a important message because it teaches people that there a million better and more fun things to do than sit around on your phone. I don’t really find it funny anymore because we talked about it more and what the images actually meant because it is a serious problem and i think personally that we should hardly ever use our phones.