DC cartoons

Today in digital citizenship we looked at cartoon photos that were about people being to invested in there phones and missing out on whats actually important in life. Some people might find it funny at first because the images are cartoons and the people are all drawn a little funny. The message in this is about paying more attention to the world and not constantly being on your phone. Its a important message because it teaches people that there a million better and more fun things to do than sit around on your phone. I don’t really find it funny anymore because we talked about it more and what the images actually meant because it is a serious problem and i think personally that we should hardly ever use our phones.

Passion project#3

My finished product of my book of sunshine actually turned out better than i expected. I ended up adding in a few different things other than quotes. The book now contains mostly inspirational quotes and other fun little things like write down five things things that make you happy. I learnt that its pretty difficult to get all the pictures to fit and all the writing to match in size and everything. Overall i have had a really fun time making this book and i hope the people that read it like it as well! here is a photo of one of the pages.

Digital Etiquette

The film showed many aspects of digital etiquette and it explained what it was. The things the video explained were Flaming, trolls, being anonymous, communicating clearly and what they called netiquette which was a clever name they made up. What this means is that you cant just post something about someone that is false because that can make them really sad

Here is a image from the film.

THINK online

T- is it True – I think it has to be true because if it is not then people can get the wrong impression of you. 

H- is it Helpful – i think it has to be helpful because you have to help others and not just your self.

I- is it inspiring – I think it would have to be inspiring because you can really help people by be inspiring. 

N- is it necessary – I think it would have to be necessary because you cant just post something about something that isn’t true.

K- Is it kind – I think it would have to be kind because if you posted something mean then that would make the other person feel un-happy.


Passion project post 2

so what i am planning on doing is making a book for 1 homeless person which i have started. So what i have done so far is make the front cover and write the first mini chapter which only has like poems and quotes in it. My book is only got a couple of pages at the moment but what I’m doing is I’m going to type up all of my book then I’m going to probably laminate the pages and stick them on to a book case thing…  And also here is a picture of the front cover!


Passion project post 1

My passion is helping the less fortunate. I’m really excited for this because I really love helping people going through a rough time because it makes someone else’s day better and also it’s probably is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. I have seen things called a box full of happiness which is one of my inspirations for my project. and I”m going to be making a book titled ” A book of sunshine ” The books going to contain things like poems and little inspiration quotes and sayings on each page.

Birke Baehr TED talk

The main message in Birke’s TED talk was about being able to buy food from a farmer instead of having to buy it from the supermarket which would be better because you would know where your foods are actually coming from. And also one of the things he said was “would you rather pay a farmer or a hospital”

He got his message across very well by using a little bit of humor but also being serious at the right time.

The technical support he used was that he had a few photos showing him and his family with some local farmers.

Some of the techniques he used for presentation where he had very good eye contact and at times and he also had a few jokes which made the audience laugh and he looked like he was comfortable in front of the audience at times.

Richard Turere TED talk

The main message in Richards TED talk was about how he was able to make a invention that scared lions away from his cattle and the real message was about how young kids like Richard can be able to make these inventions witch is hard to do with so little and basically hes saying you have to work with what you’ve got if you really put your mind to you are easily able to accomplish anything.

He got his message across by speaking well to the audience and it really looked like he was comfortable and not nervous at all and also he had great eye contact and overall the audience loved him and he had a very important message

The technical support that he had was that he used a mic witch obviously helped get his message across and he also the use of the projector was good because it actually showed what was going on.

He had very good eye contact towards his audience and also how he talked and his body language.

Thomas suarez TED Talk

The main message in Thomas’s TED talk where how children can now have the chance to design and develop apps and be able to put them on the app store. Also as he said it is really fun and creatinng an app is pretty simple if you pu

He got his message across by good body language and he had a very clear voice  towards the audience. Also by showing the audience  a slideshow and he said a few jokes witch made him connect with the audience.

He used an ipad with some dot points on it and he had a slideshow showing his apps on it.

He had great eye contact and he also said a couple of jokes witch made him connect with the audience well.