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What have I been doing at school Week 2B Term 4

Mathematics –

In Math’s groups this week, in one of them we did a math’s pre test and it was only a page long and it was about shapes and angles. In Problem Solving on Thursday we got section B and question 1 and 2 that are due next Thursday. In project math’s we are learning about algebra.

English –

For Writers Workshop I finished a draft about homework and I also did a haiku called 25/4/1915

Inquiry –

This week for inquiry we went to the Melbourne zoo for a filming excursion and the resion why we went there is because we need to make a film about an endanger animal and I choice the lion and when we went there the lions were sleeping on top of a little hill but we still got some good shots.

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What have been doing at school Week 7A Term 3


In Math’s groups this week I leant about order of operations on both Monday and Wednesday and there is a word that helps you and that is called BIDMAS and it stands for brackets, inderis, division, Multiplication, addition and subtraction. In problem solving we got question 8 and 9 and I have already done question 8.


In writers workshop I got the all clear to publish my piece about Grandpa’s farm ute after three goes at putting it in the conference folder and getting it conference and while I was waiting for my piece to get conferenced I did a seed about Homework. In Shared Inquiry on Wednesday we read a book called The Invisible Child with Miss Matheus.


In inquiry this week we have only done one session on it and we looked at getting rid of our bad footage and we put it on our groups USB so we could get some of the other groups footage. We also shared our footage to our other members of the group.

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Reading Log Week 5A Term 3



Friend or Foe






Davey Left home during the war to be in a safer place London where the war was. Then at Imberleigh Disappointed and sad that he had to leave his family
Tucky Left home during the war to be in a safer place London where the war was. Then at Imberleigh Disappointed and sad that he had to leave his family
Mr. Reynolds Adopted Davey & Tucky Near a moor on a dairy farm Happy to have boys, caring
Anna (Mrs Reynolds) Adopted Davey & Tucky Near a moor on a dairy farm Happy to have boys, caring
The army Trying to help Davey & Tucky find a German plane that crashed London army Angry, disappointed
Mr. Cooper New principle and teacher for Davey & Tucky The local school principle Wanting to help

What have I been doing at school Week 5A Term 3

Mathematics – In Maths groups this week I learnt about Division and Multiplication problem solving on Monday Morning and on Wednesday I did formal division with remainders even though I had a fare clue about what it is. In Problem solving this week we did question 5 & 6 and I got question 5 right but question 6 I did not even do that because it was to complicated. Then on Wednesday we got question 7 and I did that on Wednesday night. In project maths we did more of the crazy animals and tree digraphs to help us work stuff out.

English –In Writers Workshop I had my conference on Wednesday P5 and it was my second time I put my writing piece in about granpa’s farm ute and I failed again not really I just had to fix some stuff up, so this morning in master class and I fixed it up and made some better changes.

Inquiry –This week in inquiry we were not doing our project about Advertising Geelong because we were getting ready for our Student led conferences and next week on Wednesday we are going to go to Super tramp and Torquay for our Advertising Geelong film.

What have I been doing at school Week 4B Term3

Maths: In Project Maths this week we had a new topic and it is called Crazy Animals. We were given three animals on a piece of paper, it is a picture and the writing is next to it and it is broken into three syllables. There are three animals and you need to find how many words using the three animals. Half of  it did not make sense. In Maths Groups I learnt about square roots and I went with Miss Torney. When we first got the Problem Solving questions I did not quite understand it so my Mum helped explained it.  I then got the questions right.

English: This week in Writers Workshop we have only done one session and it went a bit pear shaped because the class was doing a procedural text on how to make a marmalade sandwich and the class was not explaining it properly. So when it got to the part where you had to put the marmalade on the sandwich Miss Torney put the whole jar on it. Then the class learnt that you need to explain things a little more accurately. This week in shared inquiry we got new shared inquiry groups and I am with Miss

Inquiry: This week in inquiry we were thinking a bit deeper about our little films about Geelong and Torquay and I am with Sam. I think we work well together and we have come up with good ideas, what we are going to do at super tramp and Torquay.

Term 2 I-project Feedback

Today I presented my I-project and it went pretty well I think it did and everyone did not get board during the little movie well I do not think they got distracted of what I saw. Here are some ideas what some people gave my to make the film better.

  • Do a voice over in some spots.
  • Take the granny  out of the back ground.
  • Also take my brother out of the back ground.

Other then that they all like it and said that I was very talented because I could do a mono and a couple of them said that they are going to go back and try to do a mono.

What have I been doing at school Term 2 Week 8B

Mathematics-In maths I only got to do one maths group because on Friday I had to help the year 4’s with their recycling project because I am one off the recycling guru.
English –In Writers Workshop I did two writing piece’s and I put them in for conference and they are called Motorbike World Titles and Grandpa’s Farm Ute.
Inquiry – In inquiry this week we have been doing our ted talks and I got my first recommendation for my ted draft and I fixed that up and I put my second ted draft on the K drive on Thursday.




Math’s shape animation

Our shape animation is about a triangular prism and we made it about two weeks ago and the people in my group are Barnaby and Jacob.

What we did well?

We were the only group that was argued about who has the best thing like how many edges we have and staff like that.

How did we work as a group?

I think we work pretty good as a group but there was one time were we had a little disagreement about were we would put the camera but we sorted that out and presides that we work pretty good.

Does our storyline highlight our shape and it features?

I wreck end our story line works because we were arguing about who had the best net and who had the most interesting fact about them.

Areas of improvement?

My group recon’s we need to fix my voice over and put it in the right spot because when the shape was walking of I was talking and that is all for now.

Weekly reflection week 5

How have I gone with your learning goals from last week?

I have gone ok with my leaning goals  and I reckon  I still need practice with it.

What have you done this week in relation to your goal!

I still need to improve my French but I am starting to get use to it.

Do you need to set a new goal?

I think I still need to work on my goals from last week and there is anther one I need to work on and that is when we get change into my PE uniform I need to get changed back into my proper uniform as soon as the bell goes.

Weekly Reflection + Goal Setting

This week I will be reflecting on how I believe I am travelling with the year 6 Agreements.

Things I have done well…

  • I have done ok with French seeing it is only my first time doing it.
  • When we were doing sport on Thursday I was trying to help score for the people that had made it in for tennis while the other teachers were helping the other kids.

Things I would like to improve in…

  • To spell quickly on my computer.
  • To follow the year six agreement a bit better.

Goal setting:

  • To improve my French.