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13th November 2016


For my first reading rant I am going to write about my last book I read and it is called NED KELLY’S SECRET and the author is Sophie Masson.

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In the story Ned is the second main author and the main other is a boy called Hugo and he was traveling in Victoria. He was with his Dad and they are from England and Hugo’s Dad is writing a book about the gold rush. When they first got to Australia they got ambushed by Harry Powers and later down the track Hugo helped Ned’s sister get out of trouble in a shop for touching something and that’s how Ned and Hugo met. On one of the days they were there Hugo’s dad went somewhere to learn about the gold rush and Hugo went for a ride and stopped to do something. Two of Ned’s uncle’s were going to do something with his horse but Hugo saw them and stood up to them and they started getting angry and then Ned saw them and settled his uncle’s down. After that Ned’s house was not that far away so Ned took him there and introduced Hugo to his family. Later on Hugo heard that Ned had gone to court and goal for ambushing a group of Chinese. A little while later Hugo went to see Ned in goal, he kept on bringing him food and Hugo eventually got the truth out of him. Ned did ambush the Chinese people and was Harry Powers off sider and at the start Ned was in the bush holding Harry’s horse whilst he ambushed the Hugo’s group. Whilst Ned was in goal Harry Power got caught and was hung for all of his charges for being a robber.


The book was about Ned’s life but it was more fiction as it was a bit made up. The majority of it was real.


I really like the book but it could have been a bit better if it was a bit more realistic. What I also liked was that it flowed well and didn’t jump steps so it was easy to follow. I also learnt a bit of history about Ned and how he lived.


My two favourite people in the book were Ned and Hugo because they were the main characters. I didn’t like Ned’s uncles because they were not honest and in the book it seemed like they were a bit dodgy.


I would recommend this book to people who like Australian history and adventure.


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What have I been doing at school Week 2B Term 4

Mathematics –

In Math’s groups this week, in one of them we did a math’s pre test and it was only a page long and it was about shapes and angles. In Problem Solving on Thursday we got section B and question 1 and 2 that are due next Thursday. In project math’s we are learning about algebra.

English –

For Writers Workshop I finished a draft about homework and I also did a haiku called 25/4/1915

Inquiry –

This week for inquiry we went to the Melbourne zoo for a filming excursion and the resion why we went there is because we need to make a film about an endanger animal and I choice the lion and when we went there the lions were sleeping on top of a little hill but we still got some good shots.

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Reading Log Term 3 Week 8B

Book Title That I am Reading Now

War Horse

Book That My Comic Is About

Ned Kelly’s Secret

Hello everyone

My little comic is about Ned Kelly and it starts when he first gets put in gaol and when Hugo goes and visits Ned and then the last comic is when Ned gets hung and the second and third comic is Hugo talking to Ned.



Reading Log term3 Week 7A

Book Title:

Friend or Foe

Who am I:

  1. I was born in June 1855
  2. I am one of four children
  3. At the age of 12 I was in charge of my family as my dad died.
  4. I was often in trouble by the police
  5. I was in goal a number of times
  6. I had my own little gang
  7. I stole horses and shot people
  8. I was hung in the Melbourne goal
  9. I am a well known Australian
  10. I am a bushranger
  11. Who am I?

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Reading Log Term3 Week 6B

Book Title Bushrangers

  1. What makes this book your favourite?

Ned Kelly lived on a farm and rode horses which sounded like fun and that was what I wanted to do when I was a little kid.  He was always outside and doing different activities for his family.

  1. Who used to read it to you the most? Why?

My Mum read it to me and my brother the most because she would read it to us as a bed time story.

  1. What age were you when you first heard the book / story?

The first time I heard the book was when I was 5 years old and at the stage I was learning to read at school. Mum and dad also knew the book as it is a well-known Australian book.

  1. Who is your favourite character and why?

Ned was my favourite character as he was a real person and we learnt about his history and Australia’s history.

  1.  How did the book make you feel?

I never want to be a bushranger because it is a hard and cruel life but he was very kind to his friends and family and that is what I like.

Reading Log Week 5A Term 3



Friend or Foe






Davey Left home during the war to be in a safer place London where the war was. Then at Imberleigh Disappointed and sad that he had to leave his family
Tucky Left home during the war to be in a safer place London where the war was. Then at Imberleigh Disappointed and sad that he had to leave his family
Mr. Reynolds Adopted Davey & Tucky Near a moor on a dairy farm Happy to have boys, caring
Anna (Mrs Reynolds) Adopted Davey & Tucky Near a moor on a dairy farm Happy to have boys, caring
The army Trying to help Davey & Tucky find a German plane that crashed London army Angry, disappointed
Mr. Cooper New principle and teacher for Davey & Tucky The local school principle Wanting to help

Reading Log Week 3A Term 3

Book Titles:

Ned Kelly’s secret and Saving Private SARBI


Ned Kelly was a kind and polite person to his family and the locals and he would help his family do all of the jobs around his farm.  He would also stand up for what he believed in and stood up stood up for his friends. Hugo the other main character helped Ned’s sister at the start of the book when she picked up something and the shop keeper started going off at her and Hugo stood in and stopped the shop keeper going off at her.  Ned thanked Hugo for doing this.


Ned Kelly was Harrry Power’s off-sider when Harry would ambush people and rob them.  Ned would hold Harry’s horse so after Harry had robbed someone he could make a quick getaway. Ned got used to doing this and became a bush ranger himself and started robbing people on his own. Towards the end of the story Ned got put in Goal because of his own robberies and being Harrys off-sider.


Ned Kelly was a good person and a bad person at the same time.  He would ambush people but then be polite and kind to his family and friends. When he was 15 years old he was sent to goal. Ned did bad things as he had to get money for his family to life and pay for their rent as they got kicked out of their old house for no reason.  His dad had died so Ned had the responsibility of looking after his family.



Reading Log Term 3 Week 2B

Book Titles:

Ned Kelly’s Secret

The book I am going to do is the last book I read and that was 1915. It was about the war and I think the author Sally Murphy was trying to tell us how friends helped each other out and how brutally mean the war was. They liked their friendships as they were scared and lonely from missing their families but had each other to help them get through the war. When they went into fight teamwork was important as they had to work together as one.  An example is Stan the main character was shot in the arm and his good mate was trying to help him but he got shot dead by a snipper.


Reading Log Week 8B Term 2

Book Titles:

1915, Ned Kelly’s secret, New York and Africa

Responding to Reading….

1915 was an interesting book because it was about the war and I like books like that, some bits were a bit sad because some people died and I would recommend it to people how like war and action books. If you do not think you what it I recommend you having a look at the back of it because it has all interesting stuff in it about world war 2.