Category: goal setting

My Goals From My Parents

Here are my goals from my parents:

School Related

  • Improve my reading and writing.
  • To have a little conversation in French.

Out of school

  • To win the Aussie titles on my motorbike.
  • To continue with my community work.
  • To keep going for runs in the morning.
  • To stay organised with my school routine

Weekly Reflection + Goal Setting

This week I will be reflecting on how I believe I am travelling with the year 6 Agreements.

Things I have done well…

  • I have done ok with French seeing it is only my first time doing it.
  • When we were doing sport on Thursday I was trying to help score for the people that had made it in for tennis while the other teachers were helping the other kids.

Things I would like to improve in…

  • To spell quickly on my computer.
  • To follow the year six agreement a bit better.

Goal setting:

  • To improve my French.