file-1What editing techniques did you employ and why?


I did not do any of the fancy stuff but when I was looking for how to flip the footage I learnt how to reverse the footage and do a lot of other stuff.


 What editing software/app did you use?


For my i-project I have done it all on Corel like all of the other terms and it is the only one I know how to use.


 Did you try something new? If so, what?


I did not try anything new but because we filmed all of the footage on the side so I had to flip all of the footage and render all of it.


 Did you learn anything new about editing?


I did not find anything new about I learnt on format factory you had to render it in little groups not the whole lot. I did that at the start and I thought half of the footage did not work but I ask a teacher and she said to do it in little bits.  


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