Weekly Reflection Term 4 Week 6B

Hi everyone this is what I have been doing at school this week.

Mathematics –

In Math’s groups this week the first one I went to was the area one and I did not quite get it so I went to it again on Wednesday and now I get it. In problem solving it was our last week of doing it for the year and this time we got 3 questions not 2 questions and they were really hard but they were good. In project math’s we did not have it because of swimming but we had one and we did a Math’s test and it was today.

English –

This week in writer’s work shop I conference another piece and it is called Gorilla’s and we did it with Mr. Wade.

Inquiry –

In inquiry we have started a new project and it is whatever you want to do but you can not do trick shots. Harry H, Callen and myself are doing not what to do at school and we started filming today.

Image result for cute baby gorillas

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