Weekly Reflection Term 4 Week 5A

Mathematics –

In maths groups this week we only had one session because on Monday we had a public holiday and on Wednesday I learnt about the perimeter of irregular shapes. In problem solving we have our last three questions and they look pretty hard from having a little look and it is due next Thursday morning.

English –

So far this term I have done 4 published pieces and they have been Grandpa’s farm ute, World War One, 25/05/1015 and Depression. I also started a seed called clowns.

Inquiry –

In inquiry this week we have a new project that we are working on and you could go in groups of 1 to 3 people and you sort of need to make a film about whatever you want but you can do no trick shots. Harry H, Callan and myself are doing what not to do at school.

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