What have I been doing at school Term 4 Week 4B?

This week has been a busy week because we have got a lot of things due and we also have causal clothes on Friday for the Aboriginal and we need to bring a gold coin or more.

What have I been doing?


In Math’s groups this week we had to have our angle project due by Wednesday and we had a little time to work on it in Math’s groups on Wednesday for half an hour and the other half an hour we had the Math’s post-test about angles. In project Math’s we are still doing algebra but we have started to do patterns.


In Writers work shop I conferenced two pieces and they are good to publish and I have already down it and they are called 25/5/1915 and Depression. Here they are:


Hopping of the boat

Dodging the Turkeys bullets

BANG, down I go



Depression is dark Black

It taste horrible

I smell the anger, why am I going through this

I see everyone staring and looking at me

I hear people talking behind my back

It is messing with my head

In Litres we do not have it this week because Mr. Wade junior is on the year 4 camp and Miss Williams is away somewhere.


In inquiry this week on Wednesday we had to have our first draft due for our Zoo film and then we got some feedback and went and fix it up and our final Zoo draft is due on Friday and we need to put it on the K drive.

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