What have I been doing at school Week 3A Term 4

Mathematics – Problem Solving

In maths groups this week I learnt about the angles and what they are called. They are acute, reflex, straight and obtuse. In project maths we are learning about algebra and I am slowly starting to get it. In problem solving on Thursday we had to hand in question 1 and 2.  Miss Torney showed my book in front of the class.

English – Writers Workshop – Seeds | Drafts | Edits – Writing Log –

In writers workshop on Wednesday we did some poems with Mr Wade and I did my two about a beer bottle and depression and I put it in for conference. I also started a seed called danger in a fight.

Inquiry – Zoo Script

In inquiry this week we had to start wrapping up our first draft that is due on Tuesday and we also had to do our voice overs. And the people who lost the cameras had to do their piece to camera in the green screen.

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