What have been doing at school Week 7A Term 3


In Math’s groups this week I leant about order of operations on both Monday and Wednesday and there is a word that helps you and that is called BIDMAS and it stands for brackets, inderis, division, Multiplication, addition and subtraction. In problem solving we got question 8 and 9 and I have already done question 8.


In writers workshop I got the all clear to publish my piece about Grandpa’s farm ute after three goes at putting it in the conference folder and getting it conference and while I was waiting for my piece to get conferenced I did a seed about Homework. In Shared Inquiry on Wednesday we read a book called The Invisible Child with Miss Matheus.


In inquiry this week we have only done one session on it and we looked at getting rid of our bad footage and we put it on our groups USB so we could get some of the other groups footage. We also shared our footage to our other members of the group.

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