What have I been doing at school Week 5A Term 3

Mathematics – In Maths groups this week I learnt about Division and Multiplication problem solving on Monday Morning and on Wednesday I did formal division with remainders even though I had a fare clue about what it is. In Problem solving this week we did question 5 & 6 and I got question 5 right but question 6 I did not even do that because it was to complicated. Then on Wednesday we got question 7 and I did that on Wednesday night. In project maths we did more of the crazy animals and tree digraphs to help us work stuff out.

English –In Writers Workshop I had my conference on Wednesday P5 and it was my second time I put my writing piece in about granpa’s farm ute and I failed again not really I just had to fix some stuff up, so this morning in master class and I fixed it up and made some better changes.

Inquiry –This week in inquiry we were not doing our project about Advertising Geelong because we were getting ready for our Student led conferences and next week on Wednesday we are going to go to Super tramp and Torquay for our Advertising Geelong film.

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