What Have I Been Doing At School Week 1A Term 3


In Maths groups this week we all did a Maths test and it was about times tables, timing times tables, dividing numbers and decimals, adding decimals and a lot of other stuff. For project maths we are doing these things with blocks, I forgot what it is called but it is really fun. You have a 4 by 4 grid, there are front and side views on a piece of paper and you had to build it with the least amount of blocks.


In writers workshop this week we were doing seeds and I am doing one about Grandpa’s farm ute, I am going to right a piece on it next week. The reason why we did seeds all week is because some people were not doing them properly, I think that is why we did seeds all week.


In inquiry this week I started to right a piece about the lost princess with Harry Hayden and then that night I decided that I would do my TED talk live. Since then I have been practicing a couple times a day.

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