In Drones we have been coding to make shapes like a square etc and Cillian made a project and you use your mouse to make words and drawings. Cillian also made one where it can draw a T witch was cool. Flying the drones was obviously the funnest part but a few people crashed there drones witch lowed the number of drones even more. At the start of the day there were like 7 drones by the end like 5 so a few people crashed there Drones. I only got 1 turn of the drones today but there’s still Monday. The drones had a lot of cold air that came out of the bottom of the drone and it felt really cool. When you had a hand landing it landed on your hands witch felt really weird because of the cold air. When the drone took off the drone just went strait into the air and went about maybe a meter or more and driving a drone was quite easy but still really fun. There was a few tricks that you could do and the one my group tried the backflip trick witch was hard. Cillian was the one who did the backflip on the Drone. When Bella, Cillian and Radhika were running towards the Drone the drone did a random backflip and scared them all. At some point in time i think it was the morning we were dancing and being slightly silly by still learning how to fly the Drones.  We realised that there was no sound be Cillian and Bella were singing and we played the video back and there was no sound. When Cillian did the flip it scared the hell out of us. We jumped out of our skins and started to laugh from the fright i almost died of laughter. 

The Drones had little blades that made it move and made it go up and down. When the Drone landed on Radhika’s hand she said it felt like her hand was like a mini airport witch i think is weird way to describe what it felt like but anyway. The Drone had very cold air come out of the bottom of the Drone witch felt like a rush of freezing gush of air. This is all that we have really done so far i don’t think that we are gonna be able to fly them today.

Bye See You Next Time!

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