Micro bit!

Smiley buttons

Flashing heart

This half of term we are doing Micro bit. I know you are probably wondering what is Micro bit? Well Micro bit is a circuit board looking thing but it isn’t actually a circuit board, it is a bit of metal that has LED lights on it and you can code them to light up. It is fairly easy but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun! I love it. You program it to do things for an example you can program it to show hearts and smiley faces. Also the lucky kids in Britain the get a Micro bit for free how cool is that! We code on the Micro bit website called Makecode where there are tutorials for every project and that’s helped me a lot. They’re’s games too. My favourite one is Flashing heart and Smiley face even though they’re quite easy they’re fun. From Micro Bit I have learnt how to code better and and actually how the code works to make the thing happen.

Own Choice Makey-Makey Project

For my own choice project I made a knock over the cups game. It was supposed to make an applause when you hit a cup.  It didn’t work though for two reasons firstly I would have had to touch the cups myself which wasn’t how my project was supposed to work and my makey-makey might have been broken… I made my scratch code and had my cups (with foil over them) all set up to to be knocked over but when I tapped the cups ( holding the earth) they didn’t make an applause. I tried to fix it but it still didn’t work. Here is a photo of it.




Video game controller

In video game controllers we me made video game controllers with makey-makey. we played games like PAC-man and did a maze which was for two players . i made my controller out of play dough but there were many other options like metal objects and water filled objects, for the maze i had to make two controllers one had to make using the other side if the makey-makey board.


This term in design 5B is doing MakeyMakey! MakeyMakey is a circuit board that you can use to turn things like oranges and apples into musical things like pianos and bongos like we did. I made an Apple, Orange, Eraser, pencil and Play-Dough piano. When we made bongos, I just used Play-Dough.

Rube Goldberg machine 1

A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that gets something done in a complicated way it is a chain reaction. My Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that simply knocks over a cup this may sound simple but its not it took me heaps of tries to get it right. In my Rube Goldberg machine it used these materials, icy-pole sticks, a tissue box, books, a ruler, a toy car, a tennis ball, plastic cups and a marble. My Rube Goldberg machine was successful but it took a lot of goes .This is how my Rube Goldberg machine worked I rolled a marble off a shelf and down a ramp then is fell onto a tissue box and rolled off then it rolled down a ruler. Next time I would like to do something that challenges me a bit more.

About Me

About me is a scratch where you make a code so the sprites (The thing that you code) when you click on them they say information about you, you also chose the sprites of things that relate to you and when you click on them they say why they relate to you. On the picture you can see that the things I put on are: me, my favourite number (28), A llama (my favourite animal), my cat (Daisy), a cake (one of my favourite foods), number 10 (how old i am) and a netball (my favourite sport.)This was important because we are going to show our year 3 buddies so they can get to know us.


This is an addition board in maths 300 that I made so I could see which numbers I should put in my Addo board. As you can see if you look at my Addition board the best numbers to put on the Addo board are 10, 11, 9, 12, 8, 13, 7, 14, and 6 because they have the most ways to get the numbers. A lot of it is about luck. This is how you play, you cut squares of paper with numbers on it then, you put them face down on the table and pull up 2 cards and add them together if you have the number you made by adding the 2 numbers together on your board then cross that number out and keep going. If you don’t have the number then just keep going until you do. when you get three in a row then say Addo!

welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. At home I live with my Mum, my Dad, my little brother Gus and little sister Tess. I also have a family cat called daisy, I have my own guinea pig (Teddy) and a family guinea pig (Snow). I play the Flute and my favourite sport is Netball my favourite positions are WA and C which stand for Wing Attack and Centre.

build a band

Build a band is a scratch project. In Build-a-Band we made music and recorded ourselves through voice recorder on Scratch. Harriet and I made a project and the type of music we did was the Blues. It was like fake Blues. We recorded ourselves fake crying and we made a song that we recorded and put into our project. The song was about the reasons we were fake sad. We had some problems when we were recording. The problem was that we had Harriet’s ear phones still in the computer, therefore the computer couldn’t do the recording. We worked out the problem together.

scratch debug It 1.3

Debug it is a scratch project, scratch is a website that you can code on. Sprites are the things you code. On debug it you had to fix a program that had gone wrong so that it works. In debug it 1.3 the sprite was supposed to do a front flip when you pressed the space bar but when you pressed the space bar it didn’t work. when I went in to the programme it didn’t look wrong, then I realised it needed to have wait something seconds in between the other blocks so I put them in and then it worked.