Student should wear school uniform


Students should wear uniforms, they can be identified by the teacher in all circumstances, and they can be equal and so they can represent their school.

Firstly, I strongly believe that school uniform should be worn so the teachers can identify you, when you are on an excursion. If you get lost, you can be found easily because you’re not wearing casual clothes.

Secondly When students have dressed alike Studies have shown that school uniform decrease pressure and bullying on the child. Why? Students are all wearing the same thing it doesn’t matter if you have a high income or low-income. No one is better than anyone.

Lastly, I believe that school uniform can foster school spirit. When students are wearing their uniform, they are also representing their school. This school unity can be increased with logo design contest and votes on any uniform changes.                     

For all the reasons above I think that school uniform should be required so parents don’t have to worry about their child getting lost, they  can be equal, and they can represent their school.


Never doing it again (Camp)


Let’s go Adam! Let’s go! Climb it! Climb it! I listen to my friends I proceed up the ladder as quiet as a mouse. Then I climb the pole I barely get up. I suddenly stop I can’t move. I just realised my rope is caught. I move left then right it finally untangles. I search for the platform. My leg shakily moves to the wooden podium. I place one foot. Should I place the other foot on the podium? I feel petrified, terrified and untrusting. I stand up half paralysed. I jump like a frog. I land in the air like bird hovering. The next thing I know. I fall airlessly. I stop 30 cm off the ground I feel relieved, out done and dizzy I’m never doing that again.




Mini golf project

Me Kaleb and Jacob all came up with an idea with mini golf we all planned our parts complexities and design.  Our goal is to make a fully working golf course with humming bird parts such as the gear motor, the servo motor, the vibration motor, tri led lights and the single led lights

My goal is to make a  fully working golf course with working lights, a gate and the gear motor turning to make the golf ball out of track some of the things we are gonna use is fake grass, wooden pipes, a shoe box a wooden platform, sand and card board.

This my  design of my golf course I’m gonna make. The  materials are on the right such as LED lights sand and pipes

our second design we changed the grass on the ramp to a wooden ramp with paint and we put lights at the start

We changed our plan again to a wooden ramp with card board barriers on the grass then a windmill and theirs to pipes and you can chose which one you want so the left one goes to the sand pit and the right goes to the hole and if you get the golf ball in the hole you get a prize but it depends on how many times you put it or touch the golf ball with the putter.


This is me working on our first design me Kaleb and Jake came up with it and it was casual clothes day

Some code,  this our code for the mini golf course it includes the vibration motor gear  motor single led lights and tri Led lights


sand for the sand pit where the flags going to be


grass or the ground of the course

me coding our parts like the gear motor and the  Tri L.E.D

more grass the grass is 3by 1 meters

box we were going to make the beach house but we decided not to.

cardboard roof for the beach that we are not using.

me sticky taping the box for the beach house we are not using


more tape on the we are not using

roof on the carboard beach house that we are not using

we changed the card board  roof but we are not using it

a video of the gear motor with cardboard that we are using

some parts such as the TRI L.E.D lights, vibration motor, servo motor, gear motor and single L.E.D lights

gear motor for a turning wheel that’s going to spin so it can go in one or the other pole

servo motor for the opening and closing gate.

Tri led lights for the other lights at the start.

single led lights we are gonna use for our lights at the start

Me measuring the path  way for the golf course the zig zag line and the straight line after I finish it I’m gonna to cut it with a non electrical chainsaw.

the new ramp we stuck with a hot glue

the old ramp painted yellow and blue we used an adidas box and lid.

the tri led lights working they are turning green and then red and Jacob is being silly.



me setting out the paths with cardboard

the card board in another angle with the ramp in the background

The ramp with blue tack attached 0n it

we are in the progress of making this golf course the theme is a beach we have all the parts now e need to construct it we need to get the putter and the golf  ball.


a screencast about my code and me explaining the blocks numbers and logical stuff


This is the hole Kaleb and Jacob made into the grass for the golf ball to be into at the end theirs two photos

this is the first photo of the hole

this is the second photo of the hole but zoomed in you will try to hit t in their.

the sand pit the sand is in the box

the sand pit on the mini golf course in another angle

the video of the hole project working with our windmill and lights


The windmill working  from a  different angle


this our final code.


We had lots of problems on the final day such as re sticking the barriers getting the gear motor to work the problem with the gear motor was the motors on the humming should have a battery pack the problem with ours were  the lights weren’t turning  on.  and the actual battery pack wasn’t working after Kaleb’s computer turned off with all the code.  After that nothing worked so we got Mr McKie to help us so he gave us some advise he said our hummingbird has a problem so Me and Kaleb were desperately thinking of something then I said to Kaleb restart bird brain that’s the program we use to code the humming bird so then we made the code of the gear motor again then we turned on the code Suddenly it worked but our other problem was we had ten minutes left ! So we got the pop stick on to the gear motor wheel  and we cut a 10 cm piece off a wooden tube with a major Stanley knife  we attached the gear motor to the Stanley Knife and it was only 1 minute until Mr McKie takes a photo and a video of our magnificent project we made Me and Kaleb.


By Adam  

Humming Bird



My initial goal is to…….

Is to program a creature called Mable,  Mable leaves in a table using cardboard,motors, sensors and L.E.D lights. The Mable is a very big parasite that lives inside tables.

Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of my design:



This is the first iteration of my creature’s system



I was able to get the gear motor to work by testing the code this is the code

I was able to get the L.E.D lights working by testing the code this is the code


I was able to get the vibration motor to work by testing the code this is the code


The first  iteration of my creature’s system is to…..


Here are the parts, purposes and complexities of the additions to my design:




This is the second iteration of my creature’s system:

Most challenging sequence



This is a short film of my learning journey throughout this project:



Lego Robotics

This is what I’ve done so far with my Lego robotics. Me Jacob and Jon have been working on a grabber on wheels its supposed to go down and grab stuff like wheels and then move and release.

May 24th Friday

Once again a problem has risen for. 2 hours me Jon and Jacob have been working on how to fix it.  First we thought we built it in the wrong way because Jon rebuilder it.  Maybe it impacted the way it works only the claw works the wheels and motors don’t wok we are still trying to fix it. I found out it maybe the inputs and outputs but it wasn’t.

Wednesday 29th of May

We fixed the problem we thought it was the code but we didn’t connect it properly. now it picks a number from 1 to ten randomly if it picks a number above five it moves forward if it picks a number below five it goes backwards


Some photos

Some code

This the code is the code to follow the black line smoothly

At least that’s what I think


Some videos






This is our new robot we are looking to participate in RoBo cup




Once again we have changed our robot to this we are trying to make the robot follow a black line and at the end to make it do circles on the green.





My aim is to teach visitors and tourists all the facts,   Landmarks territories and states of Australia.

These are some of the facts of each state and territories Down Below ⬇                                                                                          


South Australia is  a state in the Southern central part of Australia. It covers some of the arid parts of the country.


WA covers the whole western third of Australia. it is the biggest state in Australia. The area of WA is 2646 millions square kilometres.


The Northern Territory has hot arid climates. In Australia its famed for its Iconic sandstone mountain called Aires rock.


With an area of 1727000 square kilometres Queensland is the second biggest state in Australia. Queensland has the most beautiful landscapes in Australia


Sydney is the capital of New South wales. Sydney has to iconic structures such as The opera house and The harbour Bridge. In land there is the magnificent Blue Mountains


Victoria is a Southern Eastern State it has a iconic structure such as the Eureka Tower. In land it has the majestic Mount Grampians.


Tasmania is a island like state. Tasmania is not connected to main land Australia.  it has beautiful harbours and the endangered animal called the Tasmanian devil


photos of the stages



I am making lots of progress.

My Reflection

I have learnt to program Makey makey I will want to use this programming on scratch again. In the future I would like to make  stadium with pins when you touch them they say different facts of teams players etc. I think I was successful with my interactive map because I did everything well I did the coding the display I think I did pretty well





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