passion project #1

for this passion project i am going to teach my dog more and harder tricks she can already do. i am using my phone to video and i am editing in iMovie. i really want to teach my dog shake and spin. this is directed to our age group.

Passion Project #reflect

I have achieved my ultimate goal of getting my standing back tuck. After around a year I finally achieved the goal i was hoping for. I faced many good days and bad days and also survived many injury’s along the way. And I over come those challenges by even when it gets tuff I remind myself what my goal was and why I started. If I continued this project I would continue my process of getting my standing back tuck without hand on my knees to pull my self over and the step i take before to add momentum.

passion project update

I have achieved my back tuck which was my goal and my progression video so now I’m doing a little montage of myself doing the skill I aimed for (back tuck standing)

I learnt up to my skill that everyday your not going to be left of where you were last. There will be ups and down don’t give up and remember your goal.

I have achieved my goal which was my back tuck I decided to add a step before my back tuck which gave me power to do so.

I am making a short montage video of my back flips and I am a third way through.

(image was having trouble inserting)

Birke Baehr’s TED Talk

today I watched Birke Baehr’s TED Talk. It was about farms and how most of them are poisoning us.

Some of the main messages I took away from this was always know what you are putting in your mouth because you may be eating poisoned food that can cause cancer in the long run it is also very bad for your health. Instead of buying big named brands buy organic or from your near by farmer not big name ones because most of there produce may have been poisoned. would you rather pay the farmer or pay the hospital. Is means would you rather pay a little bit more for organic food or pay less on big brands and end up with problems and need to go to the hospital.

Some powerful words he put out to his audience was that at some farms they mix animal DNA into there seeds witch end up going in our mouths and cause problems. That most farm spray there crop with chemicals to help it grow or no bugs or weeds go near it or even so it lasts longer. A big problem is smart marketing this may trick the buyer on what there are buying. The packeting may be sparkly witch attracts kids mostly or they might even say its good for you. By eating these foods it brings you to a hire risk of getting cancer and lots of other things.


Passion Project 1

For my passion project I am doing a motivation/progression learning to do a standing back flip on grass and show a video of my backflips progressing with fails as well.

I am using my phone to record and I am editing it in iMovie and learn more about how to edit in it.

My project is target to our age group and for people who might be working on getting a skill or just need some motivation.

I am definitely looking forward to getting my standing back flip on grass. Hopefully before show date.

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

The messages Thomas Suarez was putting out there was instead of playing games do some thing creative and make a game. A also big messages he put out there was a little idea became a bid thing and a big passion for him because he is now making apps and teaching other people how to code and make there own apps one day.

The spread his message to the audience by adding humour into his speech as well as eye contact to really engage his audience. he also spoke with energy in his voice and not speaking like a robot. He also interacted to the audience by asking them questions while also making them laugh.

The technology he used was a wire-less lapel. he also used a iPad witch would of had his script on it. he used a clicker thing that can change the screen behind him with out going to his device. And he also had other screens around the room with his presentation on it as well.

As for presentation techniques he had very good eye contact and even know he had a iPad with his script on it in his arm he didn’t look at it very much. He spoke clear didn’t mumble and used the stage around him to walk around and not just stay in the same possition. and he spoke with excited not with modotone.




Richard Turere’s

Today we watched a TED talk by Richard Turere’s it was about how he kept his live stock safe from lions without killing them.

Some of the main messages were violence is not the answer because in his town they would kill the lions because they killed there live stock but he came up with a idea that doesn’t cause any harm to the lions. If  you don’t succeed try, try again this is because he first tried to scare the lions away using a fire that didn’t work so he tried using a scare crow that didn’t work either but he nether gave up.

He got his messages across to the audience by using eye contact he also used his body language by moving his hands. He also at picture up on the screen showing how he tried and eventually solved the problem. His voice was very clear and not monotone he also put excitement in his voice.  

The technical support he used a mic that rapped around his head in a way. He also had the screen behind with his progress pictures on it. there were also other screens spread across the room.

The presentation techniques he used was speaking directly to the audience while giving them eye contact to keep the audience engaged. he also had screens behind him witch I mentioned before. He didn’t stand still he used the space on the stage. he had a good pace and didn’t rush plus he also never mumbled.


THINK online

Before you go on social media always remember to relate beck to the think acronym.

Is it true? are you telling the truth or are you lying about this person or thing on a world wide platform. How would it make you feel if someone did this to you.

I believe that you need to be truth full online and offline because even if you tell a white it can easily because I much bigger lie that might not even be true.

Is it helpful? are you helping this person out or are you saying something that might hurt this person or thing on a world wide platform.

I believe that if what you are saying is not helpful you should not even say it at all.

Is it inspiring? are saying something that might inspire this person or thing or are you trying to put them down.

I believe that if what you are saying is not inspiring you should not even say it at all just like helpful.

is it necessary?are you saying something in the right time or place and is it appropriate to say especially on the world wide platform.

I believe if what you are saying is not necessary or even if its not appropriate then you should keep it in your head so you don’t hurt someone’s feelings .

is it kind?, are you saying something that might hurt someone in anyway or just giving them a un kind look these actions always have consequences.

I believe that if you are saying something un kind or rude that could hurt some ones feelings it should stay in your head because it could rune that persons day and you have no right to do that even if you are having a bad day.




helpful, helping, harmful, hurtfull


inspiring, irresponsible, irrelevant,


necessary, not nice, needed


kind, caring with a k








premier pro

today I had a clinic witch was about adobe premier pro. this app is used for high quality editing and how I will be editing clips from now on. editing like planning is very very very important. here’s what I learnt….

prem pro-1p85enp

prem pro2-2ni5kni

I found this clinic very very useful because now I know how and what I’m am going to use for editing my movie and clips. I still have a lot to learnt about this app and will surely learn more as this year progresses…