premier pro

today I had a clinic witch was about adobe premier pro. this app is used for high quality editing and how I will be editing clips from now on. editing like planning is very very very important. here’s what I learnt….

prem pro-1p85enp

prem pro2-2ni5kni

I found this clinic very very useful because now I know how and what I’m am going to use for editing my movie and clips. I still have a lot to learnt about this app and will surely learn more as this year progresses…

rolayty free music and copy right

today I had Mr Galluccio’s clinic witch was about copy right…. he first tolled us what is copy right and how you get copy writed.  he also talked about rolayty free music ben sound and how the music wont get copy write. here’s what I learnt…

here are the ben sound music he wanted us to match to titles…


ocean again





star wars


greatest show man

endless motion

over all I found this clinic very informal because now I know I wont get copy right because I can use ben sound royalty free music.


green screens

today I had a clinic about the green screen. they told us what you need to make a green screen and how to use it. here’s what I learnt.

this is my screen record on how to edit a green screen on adobe premier pro.

green screen-2l4x1ar

over all I found this clinic very useful because we have our own green screen and I think now I know a lot more about it and how it works.

Wireless mics

today I did Mr Henderson’s clinic witch was about wireless mics such as the lapel and the hand held. I found them both very interesting and helpful. here’s what I learnt

you would only want to use a wireless mic if your medium shot or further away. unless its windy.

I will defiantly use theses mics in the future when im doing out side films movie or even if we do a news report.

audio booths

today we learnt about the audio booths and how they work we also learnt how to respect the booths when you in there and when you waiting for your turn here’s what I learnt.

I cant wait to use the audio booths in the future and now know all about them. I also found this fun because we got to test try it out.

story board and shot list

Today I had miss Williamsons clinic which was all about playing and the best ways to do it. We learnt about story boards and shot list. here’s what I learnt…

I found this clinic very useful because now I know when I’m planning for a video and I want a very organized plan I will use the shot list planning but when I want to do an easy and a affective way I will do a story board.

Zoom camera

Today I did Mr Henderson’s clinic which was all about zoom cameras. At the start of this clinic I thought the zoom cameras were good at zooming. But there not there actually good at… here’s what I learnt.

I found this clinic very useful so that next time I film ill know if I want good audio then I’ll use a zoom camera. This was also so good because now I know about what they do and how to use it.

point and shoot cameras

today I did Mrs Williamsons clinic witch was point and shoot cameras we learnt about how to take a photo in an interesting way like natural framing. we also learnt tips like the rule of thirds here’s what I learnt…

these pictures are my attempt of the photo rules. I’m no processional but I really enjoyed this clinic

Rule of thirds

Balancing objects

Leading lines


Natural framing

I cant

Point of view

I cant wait to use these skills when I’m taking photos in the future


Today I did Mr G’s clinic witch was presenting your piece to camera. this clinic was all about how you should act and be when you on camera an also when you are warming up. Here’s what I learnt!!!

Some of those tong twisters were really hard to memorise especially the coffee one I can see how they warm you up.

over all this clinic was very helpful to me because I’m use to freezing on camera but by doing these exercises I feel more ready and not nervous.