so i am going to tell you about how we got our drone working. so on Monday we got the drones but ours did not work. so we got a new drone i was working with Jono adam fred on tello drone. Wednesday yes we got the drone working but it was on Mr Mickies ipad so we took some video. and that is how we got our drone working hope you like the video.



In Sphero My group is Campbell liam and me I think Sphero Will be easy because You get to control it with an iPad and you also code the Sphero and in Year 5 you are coding a lot

a Sphero is pretty easy to code because you connect the Sphero to the ipad and There you go that is how you control a Sphero

from Jarrod McElligott

it took us for ever but in the end we got there. The problem was that we didn’t do the code correctly but then we got the manual and we copied it and got the light sensor to work. We worked on the white board that had a black line. The light sensor worked for a bit but then it went straight and crashed into the edge of the board. We went back to the manual to check our program and realised what was wrong. The light sensor followed the black line around the big oval without any trouble. It was easier than I expected to get the ultra sonic sensor working. Next we decided to change the colour on the program so it then followed the white tape on the carpet.

micro bit car simulater

This is how i got the car simulater working. so what i did is i said i am going to do a moter bike simulatulater but then i got some idaeas from my friend Eamon. was playing it so i said can i play he said yes so i played it was so fun. so then oliver came and said can i join your group i said yes i made a track to go with it and  got a Microbit out and set it up on the track and it went well it took a little while but we got threw it was fun having a Partner  to work with it was hard to do  it but we did it.

makey makey controller

i tried 4 different games  using leaves and play dough play dough worked well with Pac man then i tried leaves with:

meatball bounce,

only 2 leaves were needed for this game

1 to move forward

1 to move back

scrolling platform needed 3 controllers

1 to move forwards

1 to move back

1 to jump

The finally Up in the Air

This game only needed 1  controller

The same controller was used to start and move through the gap.  This was my favourite game as it was fun but challenging to move through the gap.

Favourite Word this Week

my word is  Television

television means you watch shows play games

you can use it with a remote

its my favourite because i can watch educational shows movies

Did you know that the first electronic television was invented in 1927  and the Inventor was Philo Taylor and colour Television was introduced in Australia in 1975.