the books that i read this year

this book is very emotional it is a great story if like romantic and sad story and it also has a move and a second book called me after you i have not read it yet but i am eager to read

this book is about this boy that hates school and want to event thing this goes out to people like wired and cool books



now that i am on my editing stage have almost finished i just have to do the credits and then i will be ready to show i did all my filming on a camera called a tomtom it is a big version of a gopro

and the program that i am using for editing is adobe premiere pro and the song that i am using

Jackson Breit – 679  No Diggity (Non Copyrighted )

now i will finish the credits

Win at the fair

for the past lessons in project math we did win at the fair

win at the fair is that you  make a game so the game is you have a sheet and there are little hexagon  and at the top hexagons you put in a number for money and if you land on that number that’s how much you get payed

here is my first one that i did the is a good one but my second one but the way that i did the rules got more of a chance of getting high number and that means that i lost more than i was given and that  would be bad in real life but my 40 then 10 cents got more of a chance to get more money and the 40 cents they landed on through 1000 was 367 times and it was 85 cents per game so 40 x 367 = 146.8 and that would never help it in anyway

but my second one  worked out better because i used different ways  from the roles i did in the last one and then i tested it and in the testing it all together  i got more money then i give to the customer and so it is so much better from my first one for so many reasons i did change the numbers i put the low number where the land one most so my big change 40 cents to 5 cents and it always will change

this few lessons have been really fun i hope it is the same fun type of thing next

Richard Turere – TED TALK

This time in inquiry we watched another TED TALK.

the kid we watched his name is richard and he did his on sense light to chris lions

so the hole story is. that in kenya that is his home town and so they had ctal and kienna is in east africa and so we have to be careful of fox so they won’t eat the animals  but in kenya they have to look out for lions because of the lions the people went to kill them but now the lions are protected species by the government but back then they were not so they did kill them but then the rule came so they had to think of different ways and so one of his bulls was shown on his ted talk of how that lions eat them

he had three ideas to fix this they first one was to to do something with fire but then he realised that would help them see the animals

then one night he went out with a flashlight and they light scared them away  so he thought to make a scarecrow but the first night it did work but the second night they realized that was not moving so he had a idea to make a light sensor so he got his mums new radyo he did get in big trouble for that and then he got to lights from a motorbike did some programing on is s and then he hooked it up with a light switch and it all worked out him and then he got ask to do to other for money and for this he got a scholarship to one of the beast schools of kenya and now he wants to make more things now he is trying to make his own electric fens


Birke Baehr – Ted Talk

Birke is a boy is wanting to change the way that farmers treat the food like on there vegetabull they put chemicals to make it last longer to go to the shops that are thousands  miles away and they feed weird food to their cows and he talked about this farmer that people  call him the crazy farmer because he uses no chemicals on his farm and on thing that he sied was that he wanted to be a nfl player but now that he found out about this he wants to be an organic farmer


and he also went to a organic farm he said he wants to see what che is eating before he eats it

then he asked this question so there were two types of serole one had a hole lot of sheger and the other one all healthy for you and he said that his uncle or dad sied don’t eat the shiny ones


the thing that i liked that he did was he did not have any notes he remembered his lines he did stutter a bit in his performes but he got through it all he did have a very strong accent thank you

Me As A Reder

when i read i feel like i will never be the same after each book it feels like a new adventure to come and it’s fun to find that book for you and i will always learn something new the at is helpful and just a silly joke.

it look like my own   world and that is the best world that will never change its weird but it is amazing for me and me only

it sounds like nothing niss and it will never end it is just for me 


Digital Etiquette

For are triple r lesson we watched a vid0e and it was about digital etiquette and this means  has things that some people online like on instant message or flames and flames means that people online that like to make frights and thats how they make flame wars and and they also called trolls and that means that they like making drama and the alway keep there name anonamiss so that meas unidentified so noone can know how they are.

next is  privacy  and this means you always need to ask the people if you want to post a photo online and if you do not do that and you just post it that person mite not be happy with that and they want to take it down and mite be embarrassing and the internet is not a private place and we learnt all this from tim moby



the planing

For my passion project, I will do a film for it and in it I will film parts of jumps and staff with my bike in a park and have photos of when I did comps from when I was young

The main thing in it is going to be

  1. Past photos of me mouton bike riding
  2. Thing from comps in the past
  3. Different angels of me riding my bike in the park

And see how it will all turns out

passion project

for my passion i picked mountain bike riding i picked my favorite thing it is mountain bike riding i picked this because its hard sometimes but then fun at other times

this is going out for people that think fun mountain bike riding

my message is for how fun and difficult it is  but you keep learn something new

my purpose is to reach a destination that i could not do before this

i am looking forward for showing that fun that i have when i go mountain bike riding










Film school was really cool it was all the year 6 first time dong it and was the first time that the teachers did it so we where the little guinea pig there was so much happening and i found some of the thing i really like so here they are.

but the thing that i enjoyed was using the editing program the program that they used was new for them too but it is really high collate  and its calld premiere pro is really hard at first  but when you make more stuff it gets easier

my favorite clinics would have to be the wailers mics i really like this because when you use the mic they have really good collate and they are great for interviews  so they two types of mics a handheld mic and those clip on mic and i got to use the handheld mic it goes to the podes from the year 6 class

one of the challenging  was doing the blog post it was all home learning  and we mite have problems so i could not get them on time but it does take time but i rather do blog post then other its easy but hard and fun because you can fined cool photos form online and there weird and cool

but if i was the teacher i would make more lessons for the blog post and put them in the class time to make it easier and faster to make them done but make them fun and i would do  more stuff on the tripods and the edating


i really think they should keep  all the time in the clinics because we will swop around each time and we have bit by bit and it’s equal if that make sense

and they should cheng royalty free music and put in flight school with the drone and so when we make are films we can have cool shoots

i would like to get rid of royalty free music it is really cool music but i think it does not needs a clinic