IProject – #production

Hi everyone,

This is my IProject post.

What are some of the successes that you have had in producing your project? A success that I have had is that, I have created an animated pixel character.

What have been some challenges that you have had to overcome during the process? Well I have had some challenges with the programming side of things the timing of the steps.

How did you overcome the challenges? I overc1ome this by using a stopwatch to time the steps of Mario then using the time with my character.

Zoo Conservation Film Reflection

Hi everyone,


(You have to click on the image to read it.)

Over the past few weeks, all of year 6 have been working on a film about an endangered animal.

  • Planning: In the planning stage of the film, we had to chose a animal out of the top ten, Lord Howe Island Stick insect, Asian Elephant, Philippines Crocodile, Gorilla, Tasmanian Devil, Lion, Helmeted Honeyeater, Orang-utan, Baw Baw Frog and The Australian Fur Seal. I chose the Helmeted Honeyeater because, I love birds. After we chose the animal we had to research our animal and right a script using the facts.
  • Excursion to Zoo: All of year 6, went to the zoo in our animal groups, to go and film our animal and our scripts. Well the group that I was in, someone has misplaced the cameras, so we had no footage. 
  • Editing: I edited my film by using Corel, because that is the software that I know how to use. I didn’t have any challenges because I know how to use Corel. But I had many successes, like I never had to relink and my voice overs were really good the first time I recorded them. So we had to complete our first draft and then use the feedback we received from others that watched them, to make our final draft.
  • Feedback:

    I like the music, it suited the mood. You made me feel for this animal. Great fact that you have.-Sophie 6A

    I liked how you faded out in your green screen. The music suited the mood.

    Good Job Zoe! You have made me care about the animal and the music is also making me care about the animal even more then I did in the first part of the film!

    I like how you had voice overs and text on screen.

    Lily- I really like your how you problem solved.

    I like your footage Zoe and your voice overs good job, the music suited it – Phoebe

    I loved your footage-Ruby

    Good facts you used. The music really fits this film. I like how you used text on the screen -Steven

    Great job! the music complimented the footage (that was also stunning) really well and the whole thing came together nicely. The use of text on screen was intriguing and it gave a sense of variety in the different choices you made. Over all a great film.-Bailey G

    I really like the music in the background, and the piece to camera and green screen use was very good, and all of the voice overs were very clear. I also liked how there was some text on screen – Barnaby

    the voice overs are really good and the music is at just the right volume and really great facts and good voice expression. — Emily F

    Your music was good and you voice over was very clear – Emmaline

    Your footage was good. Your voice over was clear and it had a strong message. I liked your text on screen. Your music suited your film. Great Job -Issy

    Amazing job! The music fitted that film so well! I also really liked the writing on the writing on the screen and just the film in general. For your P.T.C, I loved it when you faded out! It was really cool!! What I thought was really good, is that it doesn’t go for very long, but it really shows you what they deserve and what is happening. It was a really fantastic film Zoe! Be proud! 🙂
    – Astrid

    The music in the background is very faint but goes well with your message.-Camilla

    The music was set the mood well, I also loved your facts. -Emily s

    Your message is very really strong and your voice-overs were read with emotion. Your script is well written and your footage is really good. The text on the screen is a good idea, and I like your choice of music. Great Job!
    – Jesse McD

  • This is my film.😁😁⤵



Choice Day Feedback

Hi everyone,

Yesterday years 4,5 and 6 participated in Choice Day. We were to number our preferences 1-6, we had to choose were SimCity, Flight School, Acting Out, Countdown, Gardening, Bottle Rockets, Knitty Knitting, Long division, Microworlds Programming, Mosaic Madness and Sewcilizing. I participated in “Countdown”. In “Countdown” the task was to build a projectile device capable of propelling a table-tennis ball accurately over a set distance.











IProject Reflection Post

Here is my IProject reflection Post. I presented my IProject on Monday. I was very happy with it, because there was not many glitches only one which is really good. Everyone look like they enjoyed it, they got to play it. The highest level the class got to is level 23 out of 30. I got a lot of feedback and questions like “How long did it take?” and “Why did you make it?”. The game took a long time to make and I made it because I have never made a platformer game.

Thanks for reading. And I hope you enjoyed my journey of creating a platformer game in scratch.?Screenshot (15)

Geelong Promo Film

Over the past few weeks we have been doing a task to create a promotional film on Geelong.

This is the process we went through to complete our films:

  • Our goal was to make it by kids for kids because we were asked by Tracey from Tourism Geelong and The Bellarine to make a promo film for them.
  • Research – The next step was to analyze films made by their company and see how they were made. We discovered that the film was made in chapters of each location.
  • Locations – Next we had to decide the locations we would get our footage from. We decided on Supa-Tramp, Torquay, Leisure Link, the Waterfront, a park and Balyang.
  • Partners – Planning Shortlist,  My partner is Camilla and in our film crew are Alex, Harriet, Steven and Ben. 
  • Production – Filming on location – This part of the process was the most fun. This is where all the action happens, when we actually get to go to our locations and film the shots we have planned. This took only a fraction of the time you spend on the whole film but it feels like forever.
  • Sharing of footage / Culling and Converting –  In this part we got rid of all the extra footage that we didn’t need and only kept the gold moments and then put them on a USB for our group to use.
  • Editing –  When we had all the footage we started editing our films. They had to be in chapters of each location and with around 2-5 second clips. Each location had to go for 30 seconds, so we had a minute and 30 second film. We also needed music that fitted the film.
  • Feedback – I was sick.
  • Implemented feedback – After we finished changing our film and improving it from the feedback we got some more on our final draft. These feedback forms will help the teachers decided which films we will be sending through.


 Thanks for reading and watching.?12qwaszx


Honduran Culture

2000px-Flag_of_Honduras.svgOver the past few weeks, we have worked on a project called ‘Cultures of the World’.  I chose to research Honduras because I did not know much about it.IMG_7004

Compare this country’s culture to our own.

What are the differences? 


In Australia we speak English. We don’t really have a traditional clothing, or a specific accent. Everyone wears what they like and everybody’s voice sounds different. We have Australia Day. We eat sausages in bread, fresh fruit and veg, meat pies, fresh sea food, Lamingtons, Anzac cookies, Vegemite and Pavlova. Most households love Spaghetti Bolognese Here we play AFL.



In Honduras they speak; Spanish, Amerindian dialects. Over there they have traditional clothing. They have multiple Festivals, such as, Semana Santa. They eat a mixture of African, Spanish and Lenca. they eat food such as: Rice and Beans, Corn tortillas and fried fish. They play soccer.


What are the similarities?

We both play soccer. 


If you lived in this culture, what would you find most interesting? I would find the History and the food most interesting.  What would you find most challenging? I would find the Languages most challenging.


I hope you’ve enjoyed Reading about my Honduran RVE Cultures of the World project.


Reading Log | Term 3 | Week 7A

Book Titles: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Who / What am I? Think about a character, setting or thing from a recently read book. Create at least 8 Who/What am I? quiz question. Ensure each clue adds information from the clue before, leading to the most obvious clue at the end.

  1. I’m in Ravenclaw.027498
  2. I live on the first- floor.
  3. I am Muggle-born.
  4. I’m very lonely.
  5. I looked at the snakes eyes.
  6. My middle name is Elizabeth.
  7. I scream a lot.
  8. I live in the girls lavatory.

So who do you think I am?