Geelong Promo Film

Over the past few weeks we have been doing a task to create a promotional film on Geelong.

This is the process we went through to complete our films:

  • Our goal was to make it by kids for kids because we were asked by Tracey from Tourism Geelong and The Bellarine to make a promo film for them.
  • Research – The next step was to analyze films made by their company and see how they were made. We discovered that the film was made in chapters of each location.
  • Locations – Next we had to decide the locations we would get our footage from. We decided on Supa-Tramp, Torquay, Leisure Link, the Waterfront, a park and Balyang.
  • Partners – Planning Shortlist,  My partner is Camilla and in our film crew are Alex, Harriet, Steven and Ben. 
  • Production – Filming on location – This part of the process was the most fun. This is where all the action happens, when we actually get to go to our locations and film the shots we have planned. This took only a fraction of the time you spend on the whole film but it feels like forever.
  • Sharing of footage / Culling and Converting –  In this part we got rid of all the extra footage that we didn’t need and only kept the gold moments and then put them on a USB for our group to use.
  • Editing –  When we had all the footage we started editing our films. They had to be in chapters of each location and with around 2-5 second clips. Each location had to go for 30 seconds, so we had a minute and 30 second film. We also needed music that fitted the film.
  • Feedback – I was sick.
  • Implemented feedback – After we finished changing our film and improving it from the feedback we got some more on our final draft. These feedback forms will help the teachers decided which films we will be sending through.


 Thanks for reading and watching.?12qwaszx


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