Audio Booths

Today in film school we learnt about how to use the audio booths properly and safely.   [...]

Shotlist and Storyboards

Today in film school with Mrs Williamson learnt about shot lists and storyboards here is a little more… [...]

Zoom cameras

In our second lesson with Mr Henderson we learnt about zoom cameras; [...]

Presenting to camera

Today was our first film school session with Mr Galluccio here we learnt to present to a camera here is a little bit more about it… [...]

Point and shoot

Here we had our first lesson with Mrs Williamson on point and shoot rules… [...]


Today was our first session of film school and we learnt 2 things cam corders and point and shoot cameras. Here is what we learnt about at c [...]

The Piano Glove

Day 1 This Term, Hannah and I decided to make a piano glove. What is the piano glove? The piano glove is a glove that has LED’s and a [...]

Year 5 Project Exhibition

Today we had to share our projects to some families that came in. We then had to take 3 photos of 3 projects we liked to most. Here are my 3 [...]

Sorting MAB Blocks In Math

Today during Maths we were given some MAB blocks, we were also given different numbers on some coloured card. Some of the numbers that were [...]

The Divider

Today in math we got to have a go at a math game on our computers called the divider. Here are some videos on how i worked my questions out. [...]
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