August 5

Passion Project #description

Now we are doing our second passion project so here we go again;

for my second passion i an going to be doing photography. I am going to be doing photography at Gellibrand this is where are new holiday house is. Gellibrand is just out of the Otways and our holiday is a old converted church. I was hoping to take some snaps of the sunrises and sets and i will be using Adobe Premier Pro.

May 26

Passion Project #update

So far i have really been enjoying making my seed and making my first draft of my story. It has not only going to help me write but help me put my thoughts to words and then put that onto a page (if you know me i find that quite hard).

For my passion project i am making a book. So far i have made a draft and waiting for Mr Henderson. My story will be called “Be Careful What You Wish For” I am also doing foster care for my TED talk. Foster care is a massive part of my life. Most people don’t understand. I mean i didn’t my self either when mum and dad first told me about this thing called foster care. Mum said that it would be like having a brother or sister but only difference is you don’t have to spend your entire life with them. The longest they will ever live here for would be a year.

I would say the best part of foster care is getting to meet them. It is as if you get transported to another age. So for me now i have to be very mature for Taylah, but then at the same time you have to speak at a pace and a way of speaking for younger kids. This is why we have buddies so can connect with someone and not only that but we have to speak as if we were in grade 3. Having this trick up your sleeve 24/7 is great. You might see a little kid or a toddler in a pram.

The other side is when you have to speak very maturely for older children such as my self. It is ok though because most of the time they are on their phone.

I cannot wait to continue with this project and get my piece published with Mr Henderson so i can continue and eventually have my very own story book.

May 7

Birke Baher TED talk


Today we watched another TED talk this one was by a boy named Birke he talked about what chemicals they spray on fruits and veggies to make them last longer and look healthier but what they are really doing is killing our eco system.


It was really amazing watching Birke doing his TED talk because you can see how much research, time and effort he put into this. I found it was really interesting and i learnt small facts such as when they spray the veggies to keep them looking good so they can travel to the supermarket when it rains it put all those chemicals into the soil witch grass grows there and cows eat grass and eat the chemicals that came off the veggies. This then makes cows and pigs (which are supposed to eat grass) have cancer and tuma’s growing in their kidneys. But how disgusting is this they put fish DNA into tomato DNA and grow fruits out of that (yuck!!).

I found that all of his TED talk was very powerful however them most parts were when his 6 year old cousin chose organic cereal over the one covered in sugar, or when he said do you want to pay a little bit more for organic food from your local farmer or hundreds of dollars for the hospital? However i think the most powerful part was when he said he wanted to be an organic farmer instead of a NRL footy player.


May 3

Richard Turere TED Talk

Today’s session we watched another ted talk this time it was about a small invention that could save the Maasai¬† cattle in Kenya.


I found that Richard used the resources really well at his house which were things such as a radio a car battery and some LED’s from the old broken flash torch. So really in the end it was a small idea that ended with a big result. It just goes to show how important it is to know that violence is not the answer. There is always another way nothing needs to happen instantly because it will eventually come.

Richard was very expressive in the way he talked he barely had to use a script infact i don’t think he did have a script. Every now and then he would add in a joke to keep the audience hooked and entertained. This is a great strategy to use however if you are talking about a topic this serious then you shouldn’t be the joker in the room.

He used a mic which was not a lapel but a head set mic which he did not completely rely on he used his own voice too. He may have had a small “prompter” in front of him which helps him to stay on topic and not forget what to say. A prompter is a screen in front of you which is usually in front of him.

All in all it was a really amazing TED which was very interesting and informative.



May 3

Passion Project #discrition

For my 1st passion project i am going to write a book about my perspective of when a foster child comes and the sort of emotions have have to go through being raised as an only child but suddenly having a sibling that can sometimes be 5 years older of 5 years younger some times its for 2 years sometimes its for 24 hours. I am going to use a school Camera to make my film/slide show. I will also use adobe premier pro to edit. I am really looking forward to making the book.

May 2

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Today we watched a video about a 12 year old boy, his name is Thomas Suarez. Thomas did a TED talk when he was just 12 about him creating apps such as “earth fortune” and “Bustin Jeieber” which both of these apps are in the apple store however they cost a total of $99 to put up in the app store that did not stop him though. In this example it just goes to show that how such a small idea can turn into something the whole world can see.

He entertained his audience very well by making them laugh at small jokes. Thomas also explained each little step it took him to get to where he is now. How now he has enough supporters to make a mini campaign to help him raise enough money ($99) to put each app into the app store.

Thomas used a iPad which i think had his script on it however he did not use the iPad very much most of the time his eye-line was at the audience. He also used a clicker which is used the go to the next slide if you have images behind you to help explain what you mean. Thomas used a microphone which was not a lapel but a head set mic. Last but not least was the clicker controlled screen behind him for the audience to have a visualise as well.

Thomas had an amazing eye-line for his audience which can help to keep your audiences attention which meant he didn’t use the iPad very much. He added a joke in here and there which helped keep the audience hooked. The mic was at the right position so that his voice was nice and clear but he didn’t just rely on the mic to make him loud Thomas had expression in his voice.


May 2

THINK Online

Today we talked on the topic digital citizenship when Johnny Shannon came to our school to teach us about cyber bulling. Today we were taught about the “THINK” process before you put any thing on a social media or a world wide platform.

is it True

is it Helpful

is it Inspiring 

is it Necessary

is it Kind

It has to be true because if it not you are putting a lie on to a world wide platform which probably isn’t the best idea.

It has to be helpful otherwise you really should not be putting something out there that isn’t helpful.

Is has to be inspiring because if it is not you are putting something out there that is probably negative.

It should definitely be necessary because otherwise what is the point in posting/sending it?

But it should always be kind if you have something negative to say you should always talk to the person face to face.