June 7

Win At The Fair

over the last few week we have been playing a game called WIN AT THE FAIR.

what is this game?

it is a game that would be at a FAIR… can help people gain money.

it is a game when you roll a dice  and you pick were you want the arrows to face and if they roll a 6 your counter would have to go straight  because I made the arrows go straight and 2 and 12 are the only numbers that you can right or left in my game. I put the big numbers on the side so it is harder to win. you only have a 2% chance on getting right or left and you have a small chance of getting 12,345.

this is my game board…. you have a 9% chance of getting 0.10

my game plan.

I put a very small number all the way at the top so you have a bigger chance of getting  0.10 or 0.01

I made my arrow all face straight ahead but only 2 and 12 can move left and right and if you want people to come to your game you would need to have a big number and make the people want to feel like the have a chance of winning 12,345 dollars

before we went on the app we made or own using portals and different things

this is the tally, total, prize


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