June 19

DC Cartoons

what did we do in RVE? we spent time on the floor talking about DC blogs. at first you might see this picture and think it could be funny.  

but after awhile this isn’t super funny it is actually kind of sad because billions of people on this earth spend more time on devices then they do outside… and many of couples are like this photo

what is the message (messages)

I think the message is that people all around the world spend a lot of time on there IPhone, laptops and IPad and people should spend more time outside.

June 15


Did you achieve what you originally set out to do?

I have done loads of images of plants, myself, my family and more and adding them to my website was very easy and I have published it and shown the world my photography skills

What successes or challenges did you experience toward the end of your project? 

it was a challenging to find different angles of the photos I took. I tried to make most of my images/photos as different as possible, I wouldn’t want someone pointing out or telling me that my photos look repeated.¬†

How can you extend your learning if you were to continue with this project?


June 7

Win At The Fair

over the last few week we have been playing a game called WIN AT THE FAIR.

what is this game?

it is¬†a game that would be at a FAIR…¬†can help people gain money.

it is a game when you roll a dice  and you pick were you want the arrows to face and if they roll a 6 your counter would have to go straight  because I made the arrows go straight and 2 and 12 are the only numbers that you can right or left in my game. I put the big numbers on the side so it is harder to win. you only have a 2% chance on getting right or left and you have a small chance of getting 12,345.

this is my game board…. you have a 9% chance of getting 0.10

my game plan.

I put a very small number all the way at the top so you have a bigger chance of getting  0.10 or 0.01

I made my arrow all face straight ahead but only 2 and 12 can move left and right and if you want people to come to your game you would need to have a big number and make the people want to feel like the have a chance of winning 12,345 dollars

before we went on the app we made or own using portals and different things

this is the tally, total, prize