April 30

Birke Baehr’s ted talk

  1. you actually don’t know where  you’re meat comes from and you don’t know what they put in you’re food.
  2. 2.
  3. he added pictures to show what happened he used a screen!                         3.
  4. he was talking to the audience he had a mic and he had a clear  voice              
April 23

Richard Truere TED TALK


there is  always another way to fix a problem,  you need to keep trying and violence is never the answer.



he was making the audience laugh with him, he tried to speak as fluent as he can and he was showing images of his home, sheep and the lion. he kept having eye line with the audience and cameras, he was using gaps in-between his sentences



he used the projector behind him and he wasn’t looking back and at the projector.



images behind him, he as talking about the animals and his home and he showed nicely how  he made the lights, he added some joke.

April 18

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez TED Talk

What is ted talk

Ted is when a person goes up on stage or make’s a video, and present what their passion is and talks about it.

What are the main messages / ‘take-aways’ in Thomas’ TED Talk?

I think the main message is that there should be more places around schools to make apps.

And he has a strong passion for making apps and showing how to show the world. And whatever age you are, you can start making you’re dream a reality.

How did he get these messages across to his audience?

He was adding humar to his talk, he was speaking fluently with not many mistakes, he had good eye line with the audience and not just starring and the device he had.

What technical support did he use

He used the screen behind him to show the audience about the apps he made.

What presentation techniques did he use well?

He used the ipad and the screen behind him to show apps. he was speaking clearly