February 12


Class 6B: How to present your piece to the camera!

before you present you’re piece¬†to the camera¬† you need to consider the following steps.



writing steps

#1~plan what you’re going to do and what you’re going to say before press record on the camera

#2~once you figure out what you’re meant to say. rehearse¬† and warm up¬†but don’t press record¬†unless yo feel like you’re ready. but you may want to¬†consider the next step

#3~get a sheet of paper or write down in a book what you’re about to say to the camera. write every word that you say and when you film¬†it will be very helpful to what you say

#4~when your about to make the film make¬†sure that you’re eyes are starring directly¬†at the camera and not looking at any other distraction

#5~this step is optional, during making of the film you can jot down notes and things you may want to say during the making of the film

Class 6C: Camera

~ a tripod is a object  the you put a camera on and it is meant to hold the camera up when it is filming something you or something else.

~camera is a object when you film you’re self doing something. (and also know as what a youtuber uses when their filming the life)

~ when filming you sometimes notice angels like over the shoulder angle or a medium shot and plenty others that there have

Class 6C: Point and shoot cameras

How to make a good photo?

Balancing Elements

the balancing elements is when you Placing your main subject off-centre


Leading Lines

When we look at a photo our eye is naturally drawn along lines


high above, down at ground level

 this is high above

 ground level

and plenty more photo angles

i took these photo

these are two photo that my partner in this session made


things ive learnt

Zoom lense has the same lense as a go-pro

it is safer if the camera is close to your stomach than out arms length or so from you’re stomach.

when their is a mic on top of a camera the mic can sometimes pick up breathing




In the session we went on a app on our laptop called

Adobe primeire

on the app MR Henderson teaches us how to put a video in and edit the video

this is what the app looks like

when you make a film cut out the parts you don’t need or don’t want

The audio booth

the audio booth is the mini room in the year 6 area. it is a sound proof room where you make videos, voice overs and other things.

this is what the audio booth looks like inside

Royalty free music

in class we learned about copyright music and plagiarism.

the teacher gave us some movies we have to find music that will suit the mood of the film the app we went on is called www.roaltyfreemusic.com

this is the film I made

These are the songs we used

these are the movies we used


       Star wars


            Greatest showman


shot list and story boards

how to do, video

I’m doing how to make fluffy slime, these are the steps the camera angle and what you need and do

Shotgun Mic

the shotgun mic can hear anything up to 40 feet away and if the video is in a loud location the shotgun mic can pick up you’re voice much more then a normal average camera can.

this video will tell you about it.

wireless mic



green screen

the green screen is a room were you can change the back round, like you can make it look like you’re some where else, and if use the green screen correctly it can look real in the film you make

this is the video