September 12



What is a Speros?

Speros is a small ball that you connect to your apple device. and using a app you can control every move that the Speros makes, on the app you can make the  Speros talk, move and make animal noises. you can program your Speros to do almost anything

what did do in Speros?

in the session of doing Speros we had a couple of minutes to just play with it and find out something about it. since I left my apple device at home we had to use  my partner Claire we each had turn to draw something and the other person had to say what was the other person drawing.

After that

After playing around with it the teachers gave us instructions to go onto the program area and that was when we found out how to make the Speros talk, make animal noises and move.

shape challenge

in this challenge the teacher put thick blue tape on the floor and you had to program the speros to go on that shape and make it.