August 23

Black line challenge

We had to program our robots to do a Black Line Challenge.

For starting the black line challenge we had to use the colour sensor to find the black line if the sensor see’s white it will turn left and if it does see black it will turn right. For starting what we had to was we got a line of black paper this the black line we used.  


It only took me a week to figure out all the correct programs and to make my robot to do the black paper line.Then on Monday 28th of august after finishing that I discovered that I could use the same program as the black line challenge.

This was the program.

That was my program for the paper black line and the black line oval.

This is the video for the black line challenge.

I use the same program as the backline challenge with the  black line ovel challenge.

This is the video for the black line oval challenge.







what is next

Now after doing  the black line oval challenge I am now going to start doing my scribble line challenge in the next Lego robotics session.