May 14

Lego robot’s


In design the teachers put us in groups of three people in my group I have Izzy and Sam. We had to build a robot that understand commands and we had to make some commands to make it go forward.

this the photo of us trying to make the Lego join with the robot.

my group took a bit of time trying to finish the Lego robot but when we finished making it we made a command for it to go forward. and then we found out that if you don’t say how many seconds you want your Lego robot to go forward then the Lego robot would keep on going without stopping.

and we had the Idea to make it go forward for only 10 seconds

this is the video of the Lego robot  moving forward for 10 second.

and then we had to draw the design. In the design book.

session 3

in this session I was trying to make commands for the robot. I made my robot go in a circle.

What did I learn?

I learnt what some of the letters mean, at the top of most commands there is B+C and I got really confused about that until I found out that it means to roll the wheels.

session 4

in session 4 I still was working on my commands and the robot I was still making commands.

but the teachers were giving us a task to do.

this is a colour sensor.

we had to add the colour sensor to our robot it took only a couple of minutes to add the colour sensor to our robot.

now the robot looks like this.


I’m working with the sensors.


after the holiday we came back to school and for the first week we were learning scratch and in the second week we learned about robots again. but this week we were had a new task. Our new task was to program our robot to go in a straight line but we had to use the colour sensor, the line had to be black and the surface had to be white. we had to use the colour sensor for the robots to go straight.

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