May 1

simple machine

session 1

I was with my home room teacher.

my teacher told us to go in groups of 3,i picked two of my close friends Tiana and Jessica.

the teacher told us to get an instruction book to help us make a knex tower. Making the knex tower was hard, confusing at some points and it took a bit of time to do.

we all worked really hard trying to finish it.

this is the picture of when we did most of it.

this is the picture of it all completed.

this so fun because I learnt how to use knex.

session 2

in session 2 we changed classes the teachers told me to go with a friend so I went with lulu we made pullie machine.

we used a yogurt container, strings, pullies

this is the photo.

session 3

in session 3 we changed classes again and this time I was with Tiana she was at a music lesson so I started doing the Lego piece by myself. When she came back to class she helped me a lot with the Lego because I got confused quite a bit of times. we had to search on google to find the instruction paper of what to do and then we got to build.

this is the picture of what we did so far.

we didn’t get to finish this but if I was working on it I would be up to the part when we join the ramp on.

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