May 30

Allegro Performance

year 5 was at seiner school  all day practising our songs.

I was playing the song Swing low, with other people in my class. I was playing in the allegro group, Allegro means playing the instrument for longer then the other people has I have been playing clarinet from the end of year 3 till now so about 2 years and 3 months for me I guess

May 19

micro worlds

in maths we had to play a game called micro worlds.

What is micro worlds?

micro world Is a game where you have a small turtle and you have to give the turtle some commands so it does the shape you want it to do. I have a photo of the commands I put in and the shape I made.

but instead of writing the commands normally you have to write the commands with 2 letters and how many steps do you want the turtle.


RT 100-right turn 100

LT 100-Left turn 100

that was to examples of what the shorten commands are

session 2

in session 2 we had to try to make our initials this is mine

when I was doing this I had to repeat my commands when I was making the last ”A”.

I couldn’t make the “A” perfect but this was the best I could do

May 15

Paper kites

In maths the teachers gave my class paper and showed us how to make a kite. After we made the paper kite we had to figure out what shapes the can make.

this is the main shape we made with the kites.

we learned about the degrees is  the shape. And we had to find out what other shape can 2 kites make.


this was interesting finding out how many different shapes I could find out and learn about.



May 14

Lego robot’s


In design the teachers put us in groups of three people in my group I have Izzy and Sam. We had to build a robot that understand commands and we had to make some commands to make it go forward.

this the photo of us trying to make the Lego join with the robot.

my group took a bit of time trying to finish the Lego robot but when we finished making it we made a command for it to go forward. and then we found out that if you don’t say how many seconds you want your Lego robot to go forward then the Lego robot would keep on going without stopping.

and we had the Idea to make it go forward for only 10 seconds

this is the video of the Lego robot  moving forward for 10 second.

and then we had to draw the design. In the design book.

session 3

in this session I was trying to make commands for the robot. I made my robot go in a circle.

What did I learn?

I learnt what some of the letters mean, at the top of most commands there is B+C and I got really confused about that until I found out that it means to roll the wheels.

session 4

in session 4 I still was working on my commands and the robot I was still making commands.

but the teachers were giving us a task to do.

this is a colour sensor.

we had to add the colour sensor to our robot it took only a couple of minutes to add the colour sensor to our robot.

now the robot looks like this.


I’m working with the sensors.


after the holiday we came back to school and for the first week we were learning scratch and in the second week we learned about robots again. but this week we were had a new task. Our new task was to program our robot to go in a straight line but we had to use the colour sensor, the line had to be black and the surface had to be white. we had to use the colour sensor for the robots to go straight.

May 2

rube Goldberg challenge

session 1

in design the teachers put use in groups of three, I had Lily and Lachie,

our task was to make a Rube Goldberg challenge that makes a piece of paper fall into the bin. my group used a toy car, dominos, Golf ball, piece of paper dominos box and a card bored slide. this was a challenging yet exciting challenge.

this is the photo of the rube Goldberg

we all worked really hard trying to do the rube Goldberg challenge work. We had several fails and we kept on trying until the rube Goldberg challenge was successful.out of all we had 4 fails and 2 success after all the paper was able to role into the bin.

this is my video.

what happened?

the cardboard was standing up on the dominoes case, We put the toy car on top of the cardboard slide and the car would slide down the cardboard, hit the golf ball then the Golf ball would hit the dominoes all the dominoes would hit each other, Then the last domino would hit the paper ball then the paper would go through the chair hole into the bin.

session 2

in that a task we had to pick out of poster, PowerPoint.I picked a power point.on that power point we had to have question of Rube Goldberg and we have to answer those questions.

this my power point

Rube Goldberg Power Point-2ba6ggp

session 3

After all of that the teachers put us in new groups, in my group I had Joshua, Liv, Lili and me. all of the other groups had groups of three but my group was a group of four.

we didn’t know what we should have the task as so we mad it to…

our task was to POP A BALLOON

session 4

but before we did that we made a design of what we think its going to look like then we drew it in our design book.

this is my design.

and this is my writing design.

session 5

we had a clear pipe and used some string to make a loop stay still. then we made the balloon stay in a small cardboard box.

we had a little test and we put a pin next to the balloon  in side of the pipe then we push the marble down the  tube and the balloon popped it was a success on the fourth time

this is the video

this is the movie maker a person in my group made.


in session three this is what I did.

we found a place to put everything so we put it there then we got some cardboard and we made the pullie and we finished making some of it.

we had a lot of fails again.

but we kept on trying to make it work

session 7

today was a cool day

we tried to start the making the rube Goldberg challenge all together join separate part and join them

we joined the pullie, tube/pin, ramp, seesaw all together and we put it in a special spot were everything will fit,

and this is what we made

we had a lot of fails again. But we stilled tried to make the work .

this is a photo of the start

 why did you use 5 marbles?

we used 5 marbles so the marbles will slide down the ramp and fall into the pullie that we made.

what happens after the pullie goes up? 

there will be a seesaw and the car stays on the seesaw, After the pullie goes up  the seesaw would go down because the car is heavy then the car would hit the marble then the marble would slide down the tube then we will put a pin in the bottom next to the pin would be the balloon, then the marble would have enough momentum to hit the pin then the pin will balloon then the balloon will pop

this is the photo of all we  did

session 8


It finally worked.

we found out what the problem was, the problem was that the tube didn’t have enough momentum for the marble to hit the pin. so we changed the tube so the tube would be smaller and the balloon would be bigger.

as you can see in the photo that the tube is much smaller than before. once my group changed the tube we made it work.

so the problem was the tube.


May 1

simple machine

session 1

I was with my home room teacher.

my teacher told us to go in groups of 3,i picked two of my close friends Tiana and Jessica.

the teacher told us to get an instruction book to help us make a knex tower. Making the knex tower was hard, confusing at some points and it took a bit of time to do.

we all worked really hard trying to finish it.

this is the picture of when we did most of it.

this is the picture of it all completed.

this so fun because I learnt how to use knex.

session 2

in session 2 we changed classes the teachers told me to go with a friend so I went with lulu we made pullie machine.

we used a yogurt container, strings, pullies

this is the photo.

session 3

in session 3 we changed classes again and this time I was with Tiana she was at a music lesson so I started doing the Lego piece by myself. When she came back to class she helped me a lot with the Lego because I got confused quite a bit of times. we had to search on google to find the instruction paper of what to do and then we got to build.

this is the picture of what we did so far.

we didn’t get to finish this but¬†if I was working on it I would be up to the part when we join the ramp on.