March 31

Term 1

Today is the last day. This term was great because I learnt a lot of cool things and we did a lot of great things.

These are my 7 favourite highlights of this term.

1: Marble run cereal box

2: Rollercoasters

3: Wooden cars

4 Sketch notes

5 Don Bradman

6 Centripetal force

7 Just a dog

I can’t wait for the next term, I am looking forward to all the new things we are going to do and to learn about in term 2.


March 29

Don Bradman

my class is reading a book called Our Don Bradman.

if you read the book you might like it because its very interesting and exciting. I love hearing all the exciting things that happens in this book

the person who¬†“wrote” the diary was victor McDonald. He is a huge fan of Don¬†Bradman.

Don Bradman is a famous cricket player. He played cricket at the time of The Great Depression and When Don Bradman was 21 he broke the record for 6996 runs When Don Bradman was 21 he broke the record for 6996 runs

Image result for our don bradman Book

March 27

wooden cars

in class we made wooden cars.

We made wooden cars in the year 6 class area.

First we got a thin part of wood and then we draw the shape of our car then we cut it with a thin saw it was fun.After that we got to pick if we wanted a animal or human or  many more things I picked a bear and I called it teddy. then I drew the bears body on another piece of thin wood. after that I cut the outside of the bear with the thin saw it was scary and fun.Then we used hot glue to stick the bear and the car together and then we glued wheels to the bottom half of the car.

this is what my car looks like.

we will painting the car white some time soon.

March 19

Centripetal Force

In class we were learning about Centripetal force.                                                                                                                                      We got a bucket of water and I swung around to above my head to my feet.          I filled my bucket up close to the top.

On my fist try It didn’t work a bit dropped on the ground and a bit on¬†my socks and¬†on my second try more fell out on the ground and n my socks¬†and on my third try I finally got it to swing over my head down to my feet and I finally¬†was able¬†to¬†swing it around

After I swung had to empty the bucket to show that theirs water inside of it.

This is my video of me swing around the bucket.

March 8

sketch notes

In class we did a fun task called sketch notes                                                               we were learning about the great depression and what happened then.

the teachers gave us a photo on that photo their was writing on some card board that said how old they are and that they need a job.we pasted it on the corner of the page.

we got a book and wrote the great depression big and bold in the middle and we wrote other stuff like the year it happened what the people needed and many more stuff.

after we wrote it in grey lead we bought it home and worked on it we used fine liner to go over it and then we got to colour the words in and we got to colour the out side I coloured it in blue and purple.

What they needed was a job so they can get money and help their family with food and water.

this is mine.