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Wireless Mics

Today in ┬áMr Henderson’s class we learnt about Wireless Mics.  

Royalty Free Music

we learnt about copywrited and royalty free music in Mr G’s class. Copywrite is when you publish something under your own name and fail to recognise the person who wrote it originally, they have the write to sue them if… Continue Reading →


mr Henderson taught us about zoom cameras.

Shotlists and story boards.

in miss Williamson’s class she is teaching us how we do shotlists and storyboards, my vlog will explain why it is such a great way to present i really enjoyed learning about shotlist and storyboards and i think it is… Continue Reading →

Audio booths!

today we learnt about respecting the audio booths, it is very important that we respect our booths and the equipment in them so we can understand how to use them. We had some guidelines we have to follow to ensure… Continue Reading →

Point and shoot cameras.

Point and shoot cameras are Ms Williamson’s class. in her class we learn about: positions, centre shots, how to balance off centred shots, using leading lines, using different angles, why you use plain backgrounds for certain shots and using natural… Continue Reading →

Cam Corders

Cam Corders is Mr Henderson’s class, in Mr Henderson’s classes we learn about: focusing on different angles while recording, Focus on the backgrounds, Focus on full shots, Focus on medium shots, Focus on Medium close ups, Focus on close up… Continue Reading →

Mr Galluccio’s class. Presenting your piece

In Mr Galluccio’s class we learnt about: Planning, Rehearsal, Eye Contact, Practice and How to articulate properly while saying tounge twisters. But I will explain that more in this Vlog. i hope that you understood what i was saying about… Continue Reading →

Our Don Bradman book review

For reading this term, i have been reading “My Australian Story, Our Don Bradman” by Peter Allen. The book starts like this……… Victor is a young boy who is obsessed with cricket. Victor moves to Sydney with his family. while… Continue Reading →

Ugene the star, finishing my term 3 project

Ugene is a little star i am making to do lights so i can finish my term 3 project, a dog jacket. ugene will be a small stuffed toy that lights up, when you press a button   This is… Continue Reading →

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