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Having fun learning in year 6

My Term Three Passion Project!

#Description For this term’s Passion Project, I will be doing Manga drawings for the Weather and Greek Gods. I want to do this for my Passion Project, because I love drawing Manga and Anime cartoons, and I am really interested… Continue Reading →

Birk Baehr TED Talk

Birk Baehr had a lot of different messages, these are what I think are the top three: Eat local, not global *not foods that aren’t organic* Why pay the Hospital, when you can pay the farmer? Don’t eat sparkly, *Don’t… Continue Reading →

Richard Turere TED talk.

Richard Turere was very inspirational, he had some great messages, like, “You fail once, Try again and change how you do it, You fail twice, Try again and  change how you work it, and it just MIGHT work.” you just… Continue Reading →

THINK Online

THINK online is a brilliant acronym poster introducing ways you can think about ways you post on social media. this is the THINK poster. IS IT TRUE?  Making sure a post online is true is very important because usually when… Continue Reading →

Thomas Suarez TED talk *Phase one in our TED talks*

Thomas had some really great messages like, kids should learn to CREATE games, not just play them, and, however surprising as it may seem, teachers CAN learn from students, it doesn’t have to be the other way around. He was… Continue Reading →

My Passion Project

#Description!! My Passion Project is going to be Photography. I chose Photography because it is something I am very interested in.  I am interested in it because when you get the shot at the perfect point (Something that can take… Continue Reading →

Our Tutorial Film!

In inquiry we have officially started our first actual film, tutorial films! Tutorial films are films that go for roughly 2.5 minutes and demonstrate how to do the subject of your tutorial. Our tutorial is, An Introduction To Cheerleading! The… Continue Reading →

My Film School Commercial

So the people who got their director hats today (Me!!) are now officially allowed to direct and edit a film. We had a quick task to make a commercial using Adobe Premiere Pro. I really hope that you enjoy watching… Continue Reading →

Green Screen

Today we did a Green Screen Work shop, this is the footage we made, enjoy. This is how we edit green screen in Adobe Premier Pro. if you want to see how to get into the Adobe Premier Pro screen,… Continue Reading →

Adobe Premiere Pro Editing

We where given a task to do, and it was to make a TEST film using Adobe Premiere Pro editing software. I hope you like this quick *kinda random* short film. Enjoy! Here is my screen recording it hits the… Continue Reading →

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