Royalty Free Music

Film School

What is copy right?

In this session we were told to go on a website called Royalty Free Music. When you copy some music it can not be POPULAR music. Instructional films would have more upbeat music. Mystery films would have moddy and tense music. news report needs a good news-themed tune. Documentary with a serious message would have a slower, pensive kind of song.

We had to find music that would match the themed show like:

  • Star Wars
  • Wonder
  • The Greatest Showman
  • IT
  • Titanic

Here is one of the sounds and it’s for The Greatest Showman…..


Editing Clinic

Film School

Editing Clinic 

This session I learnt all about how to edit films. We also did an app called Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere is a fabulous editing program. It has lots of ins an outs but also has a lot to it. in this clinic the percentages are planning: 60%, production: 10%, Editing: 30%.

To Small? Right click then scale to frame size.

To big? Right click and then scale to frame size for the picture to be on the frame.

Here is a little video that Ash and I made on Adobe Premiere…..






Shot List and Storyboard

Film School


In this session I learnt how to set up and use a storyboard. In this session I got to set out a How to Film and I’m doing mine on how to do a back handspring.

what you have to do on a storyboard is you have to write something in each column. You have to write in the first column what that scene will be about then the next column you have to write what the camera position will be and why, then the next column will be what you say in that scene.

Here is what I’ve  done so far on my storyboard…

Chelonia Green…

Do you like sunny beaches, palm trees then this is the book for you.

You should read Chelonia Green.

Have you ever read Chelonia Green?

Well if you haven’t it is a great and wonderful book to read.

Have you ever read a book by Christobel Mattingely?

Did you know that Green turtles can grow up to 1.50m and they can hold there breath under water for several hours.

Did you know that the Eastern Curlew is the largest bird that wades in the water and the female bill is much longer then the males bill



Ceres Excursion♥

Have you ever been to Ceres in East Brunswick cause Ceres is a place to be. On the 3rd of November 2016 I had the amazing opportunity to go to this fantastic place. Ceres used to be a land flied tip that was 60 meters deep in rubbish and 6 meters of clay covering the rubbish.

In one of the activity’s  was Waste Timeline and in that activity it was about how long something can last for  before it breaks down. Did you know that glass takes  for it till it will break down is 10,000 years and alimonie cans take for it till it will break down is 25 years and  leather to break down is 50 years and much more that I can’t remember.










Preparing before going in front a camera

Film School

Preparing before going in front of the camera 

In the preparation session I learnt not to go in front of the camera cold and to always rehearse your script, so you don’t look down when your filing and also to never look around when filming or else it looks like your lying or don’t know anything. Just remember to always look at the camera.

Point and Shoot Clinic

Film School

Point and Shoot Camera 

During the point and shoot session I learnt how to use point and shoot camera. I took photos of the rule of thirds, backgrounds, view point, framing etc. With the Rule of thirds, we divided it in to 9 so it was 3 by 3 in a grid.

Here is a photo of the rule of thirds…..

Here is a video of me explain the point and shoot camera…

Cam Corder Clinic

Film School

How Two Use a Video Camera and Tripod

During the Cam Corder Clinic I learnt how to take different angles and how to transport the tripod and how to safely carry the video camera. I learnt how to safely set up the tripod and how to connect the video camera to the tripod.

Here is a photo of the different angles…

Here is a video on how to use a video camera…


Here is a video on how to use a tripod….