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Richard Turere TED Talk


Richard Turere

 The main message was to show how beautiful animals are and that animals can do what ever they want and YOU CAN’T STOP THEM. This boy was very against all of this and that people can do what ever they want. Richard also crate awareness for the lions and the cows.

He got the messages around by using his voice and expressions to make humour and to keep the audience watching so that they eyes were not taken away from Richard.

He used technical support by having a microphone at the back of his head so that the audience could here Richard well and to express his voice and he also used eye contact and he moved but not far or else it looks weird and he used humour to keep the audience watching.


Thomas Suarez TED Talk

Thomas Suarez 

The main messages in the video was to show how to make a app no matter what age you are, you can do anything you want and that no won can stop you.

He got the message across to the audience by expressing his voice and using his facial and body expressions to attract the audience to Thomas.

He used his eye contact and a microphone to express his voice to the audience and was walking around the stage but not to far so it didn’t look wired.

He used some funny voices to crack up the audince so their eyes were stuck on Thomas like glue and he also used body language to make sure that the performance was not BOARING.