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Win At The Fair

The past few weeks in project maths, 6C has been working on a project called “Win at the fair.

Our first session was where we got given a sheet with either dollars or cents on the sheet around the boarder. Here is a photo of what the first board looks like.

How you play. “First you put your counter on the “start” tile, then you want to roll two dice and you follow the directions on the tile underneath the start tile. Once you have landed on a win prize you go back to the start and then roll again and you want to record the data.

Here is the data we recorded as a 6C class

The next session we played a game where we could design our board however we want. You could change how the dice moves and the money around the boarder and we also could do this thing called a black hole. A black hole is where if you land on it you have to re-start and you don’t get any money. Here is a photo of what our design was.


In the same session we got given a task to make our board on maths 300. Maths 300 is where there is many of games on it, but we manly focused on “Win at the fair”. We could do anything on the board we wanted to but this time we weren’t allowed to have black holes. Here are all my tries that Blythe and I figured out. I thought that our board was quite successful and that sometimes we landed on black holes and that wasn’t fun but though the time we changed our game board on maths 300.