Fay’s Nines

Fay’s Nines

For the past 3 project maths lessons we focused on a project called Fay’s Nines. In this project we had to make combinations to make 999. In the unites column it had to be going down 9,2,8 but it could be in different combinations and it has to add up to 19, and in the tens column it had to add up to 18 and in the hundreds column it had to add up to 8.

I was trying to find solutions by guessing and checking all the solutions I found. Here are some photos of my work.


I noticed that in the unites column it had to be 8,9,2 going down, and in the tens column it is meant to have 19 and 8 in the hundreds for it to make 999.

I broke my learning into lots of part and I worked on the units column and trying to find the best solutions then I did my tens column and tried finding the best solution for tens then i did the hundreds column and I was finding the best solutions for the hundreds.


I found the project a little but challenging at the start but then I got used to it and it got a bit easier when we we starting to finish the project.


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