RVE Religion #1

In RVE we had to use a double page and write about what they wear, what they eat, what sports they do and their religion and a drawn picture of your country flag. I did the United States of America.

The United States culture is not much different to Australia except in america they teach the kids some Spanish and some English.


  • Some American schools are taught  Spanish and English.
  • The string wheel is on the opposite side to Australians.
  • Americans drive on the opposite side on the road to Australians.
  • The weather seasons are opposite.


  • Americans speak English like Australians.
  • Americans speak more slang and Australians speak more posh.
  • America is 17 hours and one day behind Australia
If I lived in America I would go to the water parks more and definitely Disney land. There is also some important days in America that we don’t have in Australia and I want to experience more then just Australia.. If I lived in America it would take me a long time to get used to driving on the opposite side to what side we dive in Australia.


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