Lost Princess


The movie was about a lost Princess who was getting bullied online and she thought that there was a boy that we as young as her, but he was actually a grown up trying to get all her personal information and going to take her away, but next time never trust online people unless you meet them in person.

Kieran was addicted to video games and by the age of 15 he went to a doctor to help him to forget about going to play video games and now he was trying to take a little girl away and he was lying to the lost princess and then when Kieran when to meet the lost princess and then Kieran went to jail cause its an only child enter.

They ended up resolving the problem by never trusting someone online even if they lie saying that there 11 but there actually 40 and there profile picture can always be fake. It just means that anyone could be lying in this world and we need to watch ourselves.

They could have been a better person and not to try and track someone up and take them away you want to be the bigger person and not be mean and play games with people but don’t try and track them down be nice and be the bigger person.


Never lie to someone online and never trust anyone online unless you know them or have meet them before.

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