Digital Etiquette


Netiquette means where you are being etiquette on the internet like being nice on Instagram and all the social media.

Flaming / Flame Wars 

Flaming and Flame Wars means starting a fight online. When you start a fight you are just causing trouble and making everything worse.


A troll is where someone is bulling someone online and that you are putting them down.


Means where you want or don’t want people to know your personal information.

Communicating Clearly 

  1.  Using abbreviations
  2. using emojis
  3. using caps lock to show yelling.


Asking someone if you can post something or putting something about them on social media. 

What does Tim mean when he says “When it’s out it’s out”. 

I think he means that if you send a message that is rude or not necessary anyone can see it cause you can’t delete it. That just means that you are putting them down cause you said something rude.




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