It is: True is a word because if your not true your just lying and that is not nice for an example say if I said I could do a trick but i really couldn’t i’m just lying and that’s not nice.

It is: Helpful because someone might need something and you could go help them and say do you need anything because you don’t want to just look at a person and not help.

It is: Inspiring because you wouldn’t know anything if it wasn’t somewhere you could see so that’s why it’s always good if I advertise something that everyone can look at.

It is: Necessary because if you say something and you don’t need to say that then it’s not necessary to do that for example say if i said why can’t you do something like me that’s a bit rude and it’s not necessary for me to say that.

It is: Kind because you need to be nice and kind and if your not, your just showing a bad reputation of yourself and in future no won will like you.

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